One of the most common aesthetic problems these days is the so-called “orange peel”, which not only spoils the appearance, but also affects the emotional state. Pregnancy, hormonal changes, exhausting diets, stressful situations all this is reflected in our body shape. But every woman wants to look at all 100%, that is, to be slim and fit. A course of anti-cellulite massage can solve this eternal problem.

anticellulite massage

Cellulite is a local metabolic disorder that occurs in fatty tissues. To eliminate cellulite, the most common and effective remedy is a manual anti-cellulite massage. In Kyiv, you can do such a massage in the Chain of the Centers of Laser hair Removal and Cosmetology "Люменис".

During the session of anti-cellulite massage such parts of the body as the abdomen, arms, buttocks, hips are involved. The work of a massage therapist is aimed at the destruction of fat cells, so the sensations during the session can be painful. The task is to act on the subcutaneous fat layer, to activate the work of the sebaceous glands and metabolism. This is not a relaxing massage, sometimes quite uncomfortable for the client, but very effective. As a result, not only cellulite is eliminated, but also the reasons for its appearance. After completing the full course (10-15 sessions), your body will again become attractive, fit and elastic.

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Lymphatic drainage massage normalizes the fluid balance in the body. It contributes to the outflow of lymph from the tissues and internal organs, while the cells are enriched with oxygen and nutrients. Massage removes excess interstitial fluid, which leads to the appearance of cellulite, removes toxins and slags from the body and ultimately boosts immunity.

Also important: lymphatic drainage massage helps to cure trams quickly, helps fight depression, and also normalizes sleep. After the massage, the body relaxes and a feeling of lightness appears.

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This is a truly magnificent procedure. During this massage the whole body is saturated with vitamins and trace elements. The value of honey is indisputable: it removes dead skin cells, cleanses the pores, increases blood flow and cellular respiration. Restores skin firmness and elasticity, eliminates the orange peel, and boosts the immune system. The skin is cleared of toxins. Honey massage is recommended for chronic diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system, in case of circulatory disorders. And that is very nice - it's rejuvenating procedure!

The centers in which this procedure is carried out:

Metro Station Darnytsia, 2 Zhmachenka Street, tel: (063) 568-29-29
Sevastopol pl., Vozdukhoflotsky pr-t, 52; tel. 098 174 74 24
Metro Station Hippodrome, st. Lomonosov, 60/5; tel. 096 244 64 64

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