Care of our appearance requires endless efforts, but some manipulations give us pleasure, and some are annoying. What woman does not dare to get rid of her hair once and for all? With laser hair removal of legs you will get exactly the effect that you want. The method of laser hair removal is rightly considered the best among other attempts to remove unwanted hair. It is safe because the laser does not damage the skin and internal organs, it acts only on the hair follicle. Painless because the diode laser that we use has a cooling system for pain relief procedures. And most importantly, having passed the whole course, which takes about 6-10 sessions, you will get rid of hair on your legs for a very long time.

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Trying to get a skin that is unsurpassed in its smoothness, only sign up for the procedure of laser hair removal will be not enough. To make the process of removing excess hair as effective as possible, you also need to have a number of preparatory moments.


10-14 days before the procedure not to go to the solarium or sunbathe under direct sunlight.
14 days before the session not to take tetracycline antibiotics, as well as preparations related to fluoroquinolones.
2-3 weeks before laser hair removal all other types of depilation should be excluded, except shaving.
Before the procedure carry out a thorough shaving of the epilated area (avoid applying creams, deodorants, etc., to the shaved areas.)
Not to use alcohol-containing lotions / tonics 3 days before the procedure and 3 days after the hair removal session.
IMPORTANT adhere to the schedule of visits recommended by your doctor, as well as all rules for the passing laser hair removal.


After the procedure of laser hair removal, the skin becomes incredibly smooth. The LUMENIS LightSheer ET diode laser provides the perfect result, excluding negative effects such as irritation or ingrowth. You can enjoy the beauty of your legs and allow yourself to wear short skirts and small dresses for a long time.

Laser Hair Removal On Legs

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