Laser hair removal of the stomach is the removal of unwanted hair in such a delicate area of the female body as the lower part of the stomach. Many women are familiar with such a problem as the appearance of hair in the navel. Sometimes this is the so-called “path” of hair that goes down from the navel. In medicine, this zone is called the "white line on stomach." Often this “path” appears during pregnancy or due to another hormonal adjustment of the body, as a result of medication, etc. Laser hair removal will help you make the skin in this part of the body smooth and aesthetically appealing. This method allows solving the problem painlessly, quickly and as efficiently as possible. Specialists of the International Center of Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology "Люменис" for 11 years professionally engaged in the introduction of new technologies in the field of beauty and guarantee an excellent result.

laser hair removal abdomen


10-14 days before the procedure not to go to the solarium or sunbathe under direct sunlight.
14 days before the session not to take tetracycline antibiotics, as well as preparations related to fluoroquinolones.
2-3 weeks before laser hair removal all other types of depilation should be excluded, except shaving.
Before the procedure carry out a thorough shaving of the epilated area (avoid applying creams, deodorants, etc., to the shaved areas.)
Not to use alcohol-containing lotions / tonics 3 days before the procedure and 3 days after the hair removal session.
IMPORTANT adhere to the schedule of visits recommended by your doctor, as well as all rules for the passing laser hair removal.


The team of specialists in our center Lumenis will turn your dream of a flawless body into reality. Years of experience, an individual approach to each client, a homely atmosphere makes staying in our Center comfortable and enjoyable. Innovative equipment, diode laser LUMENIS LightSheer DUET, with which the procedures are carried out, is recognized worldwide as the "gold standard" of laser cosmetology. The laser beam selectively acts only on the hair follicle, destroying it. At the same time, no negative effect occurs on the skin, internal organs, and nerve endings. And this is the main advantage of the method - the procedure does not cause side effects. The risk of burns, allergic reactions, inflammatory processes is excluded.


Not to use alcohol-containing lotions / tonics 3 days after laser hair removal.
It is highly recommended to use nutrients and moisturizers creams, for example "Panthenol" or "Bepanten".
Within 14 days after the procedure refrain from sunbathing and visiting solarium. Apply sunscreen
Within 48 hours after the session, not to visit sauna, bath, not to take a hot bath, not to swim in the pool or open water.


Such an inappropriate phenomenon, as the hair on the female body, will no longer create discomfort. It is important to remember that the result largely depends on you. Carefully listen to the recommendations of your doctor about the preparation for the procedure, skin care after it, and read the contraindications. Remember that only with the compliance with all rules you can achieve the desired result. Ask your doctor questions that you may have. Consultations are free, our specialists will be pleased to inform you in detail about all the intricacies of laser hair removal. The prices will pleasantly surprise you and convince you that using this method you will significantly save money on shaving, depilation, etc. We are glad to meet you and give you a wonderful mood.

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Laser Hair Removal On Back And Abdomen

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