Sensation, which has no analogues - non-operating, painless, not having contraindications method of body contouring! The innovative Endosperes therapy device, which was previously available only to clients of elite foreign clinics, is presented today at the Center of Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology "Люменис".

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Originally this device was designed for athletes. For ten years, Italian scientists and physicians worked on his invention. They wanted to develop a massage method that will be superior in strength to manual one for remove lactic acid from the body, eliminate venous stasis without harming the body and without causing pain. To date, Endospheres therapy in Kyiv is a unique method, thanks to which it has become possible to reduce weight, cellulite, and correct body shape by 2 sizes absolutely painless.

The method is based on vibration and compression. The impact of the device provides deep drainage and increased microcirculation of fluid in the body, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, and literally "squeezes" the stagnant fluid from the body. Internal organs intensify their work, metabolic processes are accelerated. It essentially distinguishes this technique from all the others - with its help it is possible to eliminate cellulite at all stages, even at the stage of fibrous seals. The method of Endospheres therapy in Kyiv is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.

DO YOU KNOW? Endospheres therapy is the only technique that removes fibrosis, completely eliminates it, while not leaving bruises, and without causing pain.

endosphere therapy procedure


At the beginning of the session, the doctor applies massage oil at the treated area. Then the problem areas are worked out with a maniple with rotating silicone spheres located identical to the tissues of the body. Thus, compressive microvibrations are created. We can say that the vessels do gymnastics, and you feel only the warmth and light vibrations. The doctor adjusts the impact force and rotation frequency of the spheres individually for each client. The procedure takes about an hour. The number of sessions is from 6 to 12, although you will see the results after the first session. It is recommended to drink as much water as possible during the course of procedures.

for endosphere therapy:

  • Overweight
  • Venous congestion
  • Cellulite
  • Reduced muscle tone
  • Muscle spasm
  • Flabbiness of the skin
  • Lymph congestion (puffiness)

for endosphere therapy:

  • Pregnancy and period of lactation
  • Viral infections
  • Skin diseases, dermatitis, open wounds
  • Oncological diseases

IMPORTANT: What significantly distinguishes this technique from other known methods of excess weight and cellulite removal? It is self-sufficient and does not require the parallel use of any medications and cosmetic products or combination with other hardware or manual procedures. The only condition is that at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day should be consumed during the course of procedures!


Cosmetologist uses a small nozzle with silicone microspheres for endospheres face therapy. The frequency of rotation of the spheres depends on the individual needs and is determined by the doctor-cosmetologist. During the procedure, tissue is drained, which stimulates the active natural production of collagen and elastin. As a result of such exposure, wrinkles are smoothed, swelling and “bags” under the eyes disappear, cheekbones are modeled and facial contours are tightened. This procedure is indispensable for the prevention of age-related changes, rehabilitation after physical exertion, air travel and as an ambulance before the solemn event. Moreover, it does not have a rehabilitation period, and a positive result will be immediately after first session.

Endospheres face therapy gives excellent results in combination with Radio Frequency skin tightening.

A huge advantage over many facial treatments is that the Endospheres therapy can be performed at any time of the year.

The results of the procedure:

Increased muscle tone
Reduction of edema and bags under the eyes
Clear face shape
Reduction of mimic wrinkles
Face contouring

The result is noticeable after first procedure, and with each subsequent procedure, it becomes more pronounced and persistent.

Recommended course is 6-12 procedures, depending on the problems and condition of the skin.

Endospheres Therapy

The centers where Endosphere therapy is carried out:

Metro Station Lukianivs`ka, 51b Yury Ilyenko Street, Tel: (067) 411-99-11
Sevastopol Square, Vozdukhoflotsky Ave., 52; Tel. (098) 174-74-24
Metro Station Holosiivs'ka, 74 Holosiivs'kyi Avenue; Tel. (067) 362 55 88
Metro Station Shuliavska, 1a Vadtma Hetmana Street, Tel: (067) 236-77-88
Metro Station Zhytomyrska,  Peremohy Avenue, 136 Ж; Tel. (067) 632-36-36
Metro Station Palats Sportu, 23 Shota Rustaveli Street, Tel.:(096) 233-63-63
Metro Station Pozniaky, 4a Hryshka Street, Tel: (096) 548-48-48
3 Street Lavrukhina, Troieshchyna, Tel: (068) 199-09-90


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