Device for diode laser hair removal

Painless removal of unwanted hair of any type on the skin of any phototype
Device for diode laser hair removal

Unwanted hair removal on any part of the body
Diode laser hair removal machine

Painless unwanted hair removal of any type on the skin of any phototype, in any part of the body
Device for rejuvenating and eliminating skin defects

Fractional non-ablative laser skin resurfacing (erbium laser). Effective and rapid elimination of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and pigment spots
Device for massage and deep lymphatic drainage

Vibration combined with compressive force. Painless body size reduction and weight loss, tightening of loose skin and cellulite reduction
Device for palpate/roll massage, removal of cosmetic skin defects

Modeling of body contours, elimination of edema, cellulite, scars, and stretch marks correction, skin lifting
Device for body shape correction using the method of pressure therapy

Improvement of blood circulation; lymphatic drainage. Body size reduction, elimination of puffiness, detoxification, cellulite treatment
Device for skin rejuvenation and body shape correction using the method of RF-therapy, vacuum and cold therapy

Strengthening, lifting, toning the skin; smoothing wrinkles, cellulite reduction, reduction of scars, stretch marks
Facial rejuvenation device, body shape correction using Radio Frequency therapy, cavitation, and vacuum massage

Skin strengthening and tightening, body size reduction, reducing swelling, getting rid of cellulite
Device for diamond microdermabrasion

Diamond peeling which combines exfoliation and vacuum. Skin rejuvenation, stimulation of regeneration, removal of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, acne, enlarged pores, and pigment spots
Carbon Laser Peeling and Tattoo Removing Machine

Laser peeling in combination with action of carbon nano-gel. Skin cleansing, stimulation of regeneration and collagen synthesis, elimination of inflammation, pigmentation, wrinkles, removal of permanent makeup tattooing
Cold therapy device

Combination of the effects of cold and cosmetology. Skin rejuvenation, activation of blood and lymph circulation, smoothing of wrinkles, improvement of skin color and structure
Device for non-contact fractional skin rejuvenation, blepharoplasty, and removal of skin lesions

Rejuvenation with cold electrical plasma. Elimination of wrinkles, scars, scars, stretch marks, post-acne, pigment spots, vessels and skin formations
RF-lifting, vacuum and cold therapy, non-injection and oxygen mesotherapy machine

Strengthening, lifting, rejuvenating the skin, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating edema, scars, stretch marks