Eyebrow has always had its own fashion. Even in the time of Cleopatra, eyebrows were considered a real decoration. The shape of the eyebrows is very subject to current trends and new trends. And this is absolutely correct, because they give the face a new expression, and also look good in tandem with makeup.

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Most often, it is the natural form of eyebrows suited to the shape of your face, because it looks natural and only a little in need of correction. Pay attention to the fact that the descending line of eyebrows does not look beautiful, because it significantly narrows the eyelid.

The current fashion shows that you need to remove only those hairs that go beyond the ideal length. If you are the owner of very wide eyebrows, the master will advise you to model them in width and pluck out only individual hairs.

Eyebrow modeling is a fairly painless procedure, but if you are hypersensitive, your master will be able to alleviate the pain a little by tightening the skin.

The cosmetologist who will tell you about the “three straight” rule will help you determine the perfect shape for your eyebrows. Everything is done quite easily and simply. All you need is a pencil with which you can mark three points and draw imaginary lines. The first straight line should connect the nose wing and the inner corner of the eye. The second straight line is located between the point at the wing of the nose and the middle of the pupil, and the third line connects the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eye.

When choosing the shape of eyebrows, in no case do not forget that an indicator of the well-groomed eyebrows is also their color, thickness and length of hairs.

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The “house” shape looks very good on those whose frontal muscles imply excessive corners. If such a shape is artificial created, the face may look constantly surprised.

Eyebrows with a break are very fashionable and suitable shape for different types of faces. It is very successful, but unfortunately for many, not everyone has such form by nature. The good news is that even it is made artificially it will be look good and fairly natural. It rejuvenates the face, gives the eyes brightness and expressiveness. This form can hide any expressionless of the face, signs of aging and asymmetry.

Straight eyebrows are a winning option for girls with narrow faces. Such eyebrows expand the face, balance the nose and chin.


The easiest way for coloring eyebrows is the selection of a pencil, which is designed for such action. In second place are the shadows for the eyebrows care. Such a set will usually include a special brush made of hard pile. Also, many people use a special gel for modeling eyebrows, which gives them a good shape and adds naturalness. Most girls choose chemical coloration. But before you decide on this step, you need to consult with a master who is engaged in modeling your eyebrows.

To avoid contrast you need to pay attention to that your eyebrows will look naturally if their color matches the shade of your hair.

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