Our skin has the ability to reflect all the processes occurring in the body. Age changes, unhealthy diet, bad habits, unfavorable ecology - all this, unfortunately, is reflected on the face. But do not get upset about it. Modern cosmetology can cope with any aesthetic defects, even without surgery. The newest techniques and professional cosmetics in the hands of a qualified cosmetologist can do real miracles. Come to our salons and see for yourself. No matter what type of skin you have or age in your passport, we offer many skin care procedures.


Quite a lot of people have combination skin. It is characterized by an oily sheen in the T-zone, while other areas of the face have normal or dry skin. Even with very dry skin on the cheeks in the T zone, open comedones are often found. Combination skin is always drier in winter and fatter in summer and more often suffers from an imbalance.

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The main problem of owners of oily skin is excessive sebum production. Often, people with hyperfunctioning sebaceous glands have a genetic predisposition to it. Hormonal changes, taking certain medications, as well as frequent stress can provoke an active production of sebum. Oily skin characterized by enlarged pores and rashes. Clogged pores cause inflammation and are a prerequisite for acne. When caring for oily and problem skin, you need to understand the importance not only of acne treatment, but also of its prevention (and primarily of seborrheic status).


Dry and sensitive skin is the most vulnerable, so it requires delicate care. Any skin lacks moisture, but dry, more than any other, needs it and external signs (redness, peeling) immediately confirm this fact. Dehydration can be provoked by many factors, such as:

  • Walks in frosty and windy weather;
  • Excess insolation;
  • Constant staying in a dry, warm room, where there is no humidifier;
  • Washing with soap;
  • Abuse of peels, alcohol-based cosmetics;
  • Age changes;
  • Smoking and alcohol intake.

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The skin around the eyes differs from the face skin. It is very thin and sensitive. The skin in this area is particularly responsive to aggressive external influences: very heavy makeup, various types of radiation - fluorescent lamps, computer radiation, etc. Moreover, fatigue in the form of dark circles and “bags” under the eyes quickly affects the skin around the eyes. Therefore, it requires very careful and soft care. To protect the skin around the eyes from premature aging and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, you should start correct skin care in time.


Facial with Christina cosmetics allows solving a number of aesthetic tasks: deep cleansing, moisturizing, bleaching, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin. The composition of these preparations includes vitamins of various groups, minerals, acids, algae and plants, which provide a perfect result.


Enzymes are the basis of this cosmetic line. Being catalysts of natural origin, they accelerate all biochemical processes in skin cells and intercellular space. Dissolving the dead cells, clean the pores of pollution, opening up access of oxygen, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Transdermal, enzyme masks enrich the cells with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids. Enzyme therapy with Danne cosmetics is an alternative to plastic massage, mesotherapy and myostimulation. This is the best anti-aging program, while having a non-aggressive effect, that is, not suppressing the natural functioning of cells. For the past 40 years, it has been used by celebrities and members of royal families.

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Professional cosmetic products “Clarena” have become popular in Europe due to their natural composition of high quality: plant extracts, vitamins, silk proteins, soy proteins, collagen, hyaluronic acid, cobra venom and swallow saliva. This unique composition provides a powerful anti-aging effect and long-lasting result.


The composition of "ANNA LOTAN" cosmetic includes biologically active substances of natural origin, such as gels, minerals, bio-oil, powders, etc. The composition of these ingredients makes it possible to minimize the use of synthetic flavors, preservatives and emulsifiers. In addition, these cosmetic products can be used to care even for very sensitive skin. Also, these tools help in the care of problem skin prone to rosacea, seborrhea, acne and post-acne, for dehydrated and fading. The main and most famous development of the bio-cosmeceutical laboratory "Anna Lotan Ltd." is the “cool hydrogenation” technique. This technique makes it possible to clean the face without pain and comfort, regardless of skin type. Any cosmetology procedure should be started with “cool hydrogenation” with to Anna Lotan, because after this procedure the skin accepts and perceives ingredients from other cosmetics more “favorably”. That is why Anna Lotan introduced hydrogenation, as a preparatory stage before the main procedure, to increase the effectiveness of further skin care.

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Israeli professional cosmetics "RENEW" is a well-known brand in the global cosmetology market and the leader among salon facials. Product lines are designed for all skin types and ages. All active complexes contain concentrated ingredients that promote the restoration of metabolism and tissue regeneration. Thanks to the company's biotechnology development, the following results can be easily obtained:

  • Deep cleansing and moisturizing
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Skin oxygen saturation
  • Elimination of couperosis
  • Restore clear face shape


The products of the leading German cosmetology company DrSpiller are known in more than 40 countries of the world. The unique formula of preparations consists only of natural ingredients and lipids, identical to the lipids of human skin. An innovative, hypoallergenic formula effectively eliminates even such medical problems as rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea. Also, with the help of “DrSpiller” cosmetics, complex preparation and skin rehabilitation after laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and plastic surgery is carried out.

The total number of facial care procedures - from 5 to 10



Facial With «Dr.Spiller» Cosmetics (For Sensitive Skin With Cuperosis And Rosacea)

Facial With «Dr.Spiller» Cosmetics (For Oily Skin With Seborrhea And Acne)

Facial With «Anna Lotan» Cosmetics

"Danne Montague-King" Cosmetics

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