Does laser hair removal hurt?
Sensations will depend on your individual sensitivity. Patients describe their feelings with the words “I don’t feel anything”, “ordinary discomfort” or “slight short term tingling”. But if you are still afraid of pain, your doctor will anesthetize treated area (with anesthetic gel or spray).
Is it possible to get the procedure during menstruation?
To date, there are no contradictions to laser hair removal in a definite day of the cycle. However, in case of the individual characteristics of the organism this procedure is better to transfer. Laser hair removal during period doesn’t differ from laser hair removal in any other day. If you have good well-being and high pain threshold, you won’t have problems. But if you still hesitate, it’s better to get laser hair removal in the middle of the cycle.
Why is it impossible to remove hair in one procedure?
The laser affects only hair that are in the active growth phase (the anagen phase) and contain the maximum amount of melanin. There is about 30% of such hair on the body and the part of them will be removed. The laser destroys just the part of hair that is in the active phase during one procedure. Hair that aren’t in active phases (the catagen phase, the telogen phase) will “wake up” by the time of the next procedure and will be also partly removed. In this way, the skin will gradually (in 8-10 sessions) become smooth.
Is it possible to combine the procedures on different types of lasers (diode, alexandrite as well as different types of hair removal methods (photo, elos etc.)?
Yes, it’s possible, if necessary. The main thing is to get sessions with right intervals and follow all specialists’ recommendations.
Is it needed to grow hair for laser
No. The laser works on smooth and shaved skin. Just before the procedure the hair must be shaved.
Is laser dangerous?
For the most incredulous: laser technology is used in beauty field already for 30 years and there is enough accumulated information to say for sure about its safety and the absence of negative effects on organism.
Does laser hair removal cause burns?
Laser hair removal is completely safe procedure that doesn’t affect skin integrity. You can have burns, if you don’t adhere to the recommendations of specialists. You can’t get the procedure on a tinned skin, sunbath after the procedure (not less than one week), use cosmetics containing alcohol, and steam treated area. Be sure to use Panthenol or Bepantenom (within 3 days after the procedure).
What’s difference between Lumenis LightSheer ETand LightSheer Desire devices?
Both these devices are diode lasers. Lumenis LightSheer ET is equipped with a cooling system which protects the skin from overheating and eliminates the risk of burns. Lumenis LightSheer Desirе is equipped with a vacuum amplification system that excludes painful sensations during the procedure. In addition, Lumenis LightSheer Desire handpiece has a large area of the working spot which reduce the duration of laser hair removal session.
How many procedures of laser hair removal are needed to completely get rid of unwanted hair?
Hair removal is not a one-time procedure, but a whole course! It consists of 8-10 sessions and is determined by a specialist depending on client’s individual characteristics.
What intervals should be done between hair removal sessions?
Intervals between laser hair removal sessions usually last from 30 days to 4 months, the number of sessions is from 8 to 10 per year or more. 2nd session is carried out 4 weeks after the 1st one, 3rd - 6 weeks after 2nd one, etc. Interval is increased by 2 weeks with each time.
Is laser hair removal benefical?
Probably the price for laser hair removal treatment is the most important factor. Undoubtedly, one session is more expensive than one procedure of waxing or sugaring. The only difference is that it’s necessary to have a course of laser hair removal sessions (from 8 -10) to forget about unwanted hair and waste of money. But you should return regularly from month to month, from year to year to all other methods. We totally forgot to mention the razor. A good razor is also not a cheap pleasure. Besides, it needs to be changed regularly as the necessity to shave appears every 2-3 days so not to allow hard growing hair. Weighting all the pros and cons, taking in attention that the laser hair removal is the most comfortable, fastest and safest method according to reviews, we offer you exactly this type of unwanted hair removal.
At what age can you start laser hair removal treatments?
Laser hair removal can be done from the moment of stabilization of harmonic background from 16-18 years old. Teens under 18 years must have written permission of a parent or official guardian, and they must be present during the procedure.
Is laser hair removal suitable for those who have fluffy or gray hair?
Unfortunately, laser hair removal is not suitable for fluffy, gray and blond hair. They are practically not pigmented and not amenable to laser exposure.
What’s difference between laser hair removal and photoepilation?
Photoepilation and laser hair removal have a common principle of action, which is called selective photothermolysis. It based on absorbtion of light impulse of a definite length by the melanin pigment that contains in the hair. It leads to its heating and destruction. However, there are some differences between laser hair removal and photoepilation. Large beam generated by krypton lamps of photoepilation device heats not only the hair bulb, but also the skin, and it can cause burns. The laser beam “aimed” only at the follicle and does not damage the skin. Sensations are quite painful during the procedure of photoepilation. Although the general number of photoepilation sessions is less than the number of laser hair removal ones, the cost of photoepilation is higher.
How to prepare for laser hair removal?
Preparation to the procedure begins in advance. 10-14 days before the procedure it’s forbidden to visit solarium or sunbathe under the direct sunlight. 2-3 weeks before laser hair removal, all other types of hair removal, except shaving, should be excluded. Don’t use alcohol-containing lotions/tonics 3 days before the procedure and 3 days after hair removal session. Don’t take tetracycline antibiotics and the fluoroquinolones medicines 14 days before the session. Before the procedure, thoroughly shave treated area (don’t apply creams, deodorants, etc. to shaved areas). It’s IMPORTANT to adhere to timeline recommended by your doctor, as well as all follow the rules.
How to care for the skin after laser hair removal?
As you know any procedure has its positive and negative sides. Laser hair removal is not an exception. Here is a short not-to-do after laser hair removal list: Don’t sunbathe, stay in the sun for a long time and visit a solarium. Don’t use peel or scrub. Don’t pull out hairs with a tweezers. Don’t use electric epilator at home that pulls out hairs with a root. Don’t get waxing and sugaring. In the next 48 hours don’t visit the pool, sauna, bath and to swim in open waters. Over the next 72 hours don’t do massage on body’s areas where hair removal was performed.
Are there any contradictions to laser hair removal?
Contradictions to laser hair removal: Diabetes in any stage. Oncological diseases. Herpes in acute forms. Individual intolerance. Tanned and dark skin. Blonde and gray hair, as well as fluffy hairs. Dermatological diseases. Pregnancy and lactation. In the case of surgical intervention in the treated area less than 3 months before the procedure.
How long does it take hair to fall out?
Period of hair falling out is not the same in different areas. After laser hair removal hair don’t fall out immediately, usually it’s needed from 14 to 20 days. Everything depends on the length of the hair follicle, which in turn depends on the treatment area. Usually, only 30-40% of hair, which is in active phase, is removed in one procedure. Therefore, the classic laser hair removal course includes from 8 to 10 sessions depending on the treatment area and individual characteristics.
Why is laser hair removal better than other methods?
Laser hair removal is one of the best methods of hair removal which aimed to hair follicles destruction. After each subsequent procedure, the amount of hair decreases. They become much thinner and grow slower. ADVANTAGES: no ingrown hair, skin irritation or allergic reactions as after shaving, waxing and sugaring. Short skin rehabilitation period - from a couple of hours to a full day. The effect is more visible after laser hair removal, since during photoepilation, radiation with unfixed wave is used, that is, part of it is absorbed by the skin to no avail. Can be carried out on any parts of the face and body (hands, legs, bikini, upper lip, etc.), even on very sensitive areas.
Is laser hair removal dangerous for moles?
Moles (according to scientific nevi) are an accumulation of melanocyte cells with a high content of melanin. As you know, the laser beam is absorbed exactly by melanin. That’s why before the procedure the doctor treats the mole with a special white pencil, so that laser simply wouldn’t “see” it.
Is it possible to have laser hair removal during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?
The procedure of laser hair removal is safe, however, physicians advice not to expose the body to any "extra" stress during pregnancy, regardless of whether it is an injection procedure or a hardware procedure. It’s the same after childbirth – there are no contradictions, but breastfeeding mother shouldn’t be exposed to any risks so as not to lose her breast milk. Therefore, in your case the doctor can make a decision that will depend on specific situation.
Why you can’t take the antibiotics of a certain group before the laser hair removal?
Tetracycline antibiotics and fluoroquinolones intake causes an increased photosensitization, that is, skin sensitivity to various types of radiation becomes increased. Accordingly, laser hair removal can cause burns, while taking antibiotics.
Can you get laser hair removal with skin diseases?

Laser hair removal is not contraindicated if you have such diseases as vitiligo, keratosis, and psoriasis. The procedure performed on a modern diode laser is absolutely safe for skin with such problems. Atopic dermatitis is contraindication.

Can you get laser hair removal on several areas in one session?

You can get laser hair removal on unlimited number of areas. The original, certified equipment provides necessary amount of laser energy, so there is no risk of complications if you get can get laser hair removal on several areas in one session.

Laser hair removal is contraindicated if you have myoma?

Myoma is not an absolute contraindication, but consult with your doctor for your security.


Does Endospheres therapy hurt?

Endospheres therapy is absolutely painless procedure if it is correctly done. Uncomfortable sensations are felt if the muscles are tense or treatment area is susceptible to fibrous cellulite.

How many procedures are needed to lose weight?

Initially, you will get a consultation with specialist who will select an individual Endospheres therapy timeline. Everything depends on your goals: to tighten your skin, lose weight, or get rid of cellulite; the procedures timeline will depend primarily on the goal that you set. If all the recommendations are followed, after the 6th procedure, you can reduce your body by 1 size. Recommended interval between procedures is 2-3 days.

Is Endospheres therapy safe?

Safe body shaping – it is the concept of the technique! It is suitable even for pregnant women from 3 trimesters and is recommended by doctors if you have varicose veins. Endospheres Therapy has proven clinical results in 20 scientific centers in Italy.

What is the difference between Endospheres therapy and LPG massage?

Endospheres therapy is a method based on the combined effects of compression and vibration, rather than vacuum absorption, like LPG massage. And any risks of skin stretching are excluded during Endospheres therapy, unlike LPG body massage. Moreover, handpiece weight is calculated jointly by phlebologists and engineers so that the procedure is not contraindicated even if you have varicose veins, moreover it helps to cope with this problem at 1 and 2 stages. During LPG body massage session, you must wear special suit to ensure smooth handpiece sliding. Unfortunately, ше excludes the careful treatment of problem areas. The absence of such a suit allows specialist to treat all areas of the body during Endospheres therapy session. The intensity of the Endospheres therapy exceeds manual and LPG body massage several times.

How long do results last?

Guaranteed effect lasts about a year. But if you follow all nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, the result may remain for a longer period.

What are the contraindications to this procedure?

Viral infections, skin diseases, dermatitis, open wounds, cancer, pregnancy and lactation period (but if you need to get rid of legs or arms swelling, the procedure can be performed from the 3rd trimester of pregnancy).

Does Endospheres therapy help recover after physical training?

Endospheres therapy will help relieve muscle pain and aches. The device perfectly removes lactic acid from the muscles, which causes unpleasant sensations. This technique is highly effective way to eliminate pain of various origins including back pain. By the way, the doctors of Italian national football team are actively using the Endospheres device so that players recover faster after matches. So we recommend Endospheres therapy for everyone who does sports.

At what age can you get microvibration therapy?

You can start at any age without any limits. If the child is professional athlete, then the Endospheres therapy can relieve muscle tension. You can also get procedures during recovery period after injuries, including postoperative period, in order to restore scars sensitivity.

How to get rid of loose skin?

The compression effect will tighten the skin and keep it in good condition. During the procedure, skin temperature is increased by 2 degrees Celsius, which stimulates elastin and collagen production.

Does Endospheres therapy help get rid of cellulite?

This is one of the few procedures that can remove cellulite. It is important only follow nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Cellulite is a problem of many women. Endospheres therapy perfectly copes with this problem. This technique breaks down body fat, improves blood and lymph drainage, and eliminates toxins.

Does Endospheres therapy help reduce swelling?

The impact of this device provides deep drainage and increased microcirculation of body fluid, and literally “squeezes” stagnant body fluid. The device eliminates venous congestion and eliminates the risk of varicose veins. Therefore, after the course, swelling and heaviness in the legs disappear.

What is the result after Endospheres facial therapy?

Tissue drainage during the session stimulates natural collagen and elastin production. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed out, swelling and “bags” under the eyes disappear, cheekbones are shaped and face skin is tightened.


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