Enzyme injection or enzyme therapy is a breakthrough in cosmetology, a revolutionary method of rejuvenating the skin of the face and body, by enzyme injection. The procedure gives an instant result, does not cause side effects and eliminates such aesthetic defects that are not possible to cope with in other ways.

ферментотерапия киев

What is enzyme therapy?

Modern technologies allow achieving amazing results. Injections of biologically active substances give a result that can compete with the results of plastic surgery.

Enzymes are found in every living organism. These are natural substances, protein molecules, which are needed to accelerate chemical reactions, namely, to start the splitting and redox reaction in the body.

Enzyme therapy helps cleanse the skin of dead cells, saturate them with oxygen, enrich with minerals, vitamins, proteins and promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

Which preparations do we use?

We use the innovative line of PB Serum preparations, which are produced by the Spanish biotechnological laboratory Proteos Biotech. It is the latest generation of revolutionary cosmeceuticals only for professional use. The peculiarity of these preparations is the lyophilized form, which ensures maximum bioavailability of the active ingredients, makes it possible not to use preservatives and does not cause side effects.

The action of PB Serum enzyme preparations is based on three enzymes that the human body produces: lipase, collagenase and hyaluronidase. We will tell you more about each of them.


fat splitting enzyme


collagen hydrolysis enzyme


hyaluronate cleavage enzyme


Function of lipase is to accelerate the breakdown of fats and actively influence localized fat deposits.

Function of collagenase is to destroy fibers of old collagen, which in turn stimulates the synthesis of new ones. It makes it possible to remove fibrous tissues and successfully get rid of cellulite even at its most severe stage.

Hyaluronidase destroys the natural hyaluronic acid, which contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the hypodermis. It provides deep drainage and puffiness elimination. It is also used to destroy hyaluronic acid after unsuccessful contouring or for its correction.

Preparations can be used both individually and in cocktail called «Triad». Together they enhance the effect of each other and have a powerful effect on fibrous tissues, and are also used to change and improve face shape and eliminate puffiness. Doctor chooses the components of the cocktail and the dosage according to indications.

Another enzyme cocktail «Lift+», which includes collagenase, DMAE, vitamin C. Its action is aimed at getting rid of sagging skin and improving skin elasticity.

Series of PBSerum MEDICAL products

These are mixtures with a higher concentration of enzymes and with the addition of anti-adhesive hyaluronic acid, which are more powerful in effect.


Medical Hight
  • postoperative fibrosis
  • scars
  • skin grafts for burn patients
  • stretch marks
  • fibrous cellulite
  • flabby skin
Medical Medium
  • localized fat deposits
  • lipomas
Medical Low
  • edematous cellulite
  • swelling of lower eyelid
  • flabby skin

What problems it solves?

The preparations, which contain enzymes, are transdermal, so they “work” in the deep skin layers, eliminate local fat deposits on the body and face, restore skin microrelief, and help to get rid of flabby skin. Their use is indicated for both women and men, regardless of age. The value of enzyme therapy for modern cosmetology cannot be overestimated. There is a huge range of aesthetic problems that are successfully solved with the help of this technique. Let's get acquainted with the indications for enzyme therapy:

  • Changes in face shape, ptosis;
  • wrinkles around the eyes, dark circles, "bags" under eyes;
  • dull, dehydrated skin;
  • pasty skin, face swelling;
  • enlarged pores;
  • acne and post acne;
  • scars, including old ones;
  • decrease in skin turgor and loss of skin elasticity.
  • localized fat deposits;
  • cellulite, including fibrosis;
  • tendency to fluid accumulation, swelling;
  • fat deposits that are difficult to correct - “dowager's hump”, “riding breeches”.

Where to undergo a course of enzyme therapy in Kyiv?

Only experienced, qualified professionals with specialized licenses can make beauty injections. Exactly such cosmetologists work in the center of laser hair removal and cosmetology "Lumenis". Enzyme therapy is one of the most effective methods of skin rejuvenation. The cost of the course of procedures will depend on total number of procedures, treated area, as well as on which preparations or combination of them will be used.

The minimum number of sessions is from 4 to 6. Doctor prepares an individual program for each client, depending on his needs, skin condition, age, body characteristics, etc. The client has opportunity to get a free consultation and discuss with his doctor the details of the course.


противопоказания для ферментотерапии
  • any injuries on the skin - wounds, irritation, inflammation, etc.;
  • claustrophobia;
  • pregnancy and period of lactation;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • acute inflammatory and infectious processes.
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