Lamination of eyelashes - is giving the eyelashes a beautiful curvature that extends them visually. In our salon, this procedure is carried out using professional Austrian cosmetics RefectoCil. Over 80 years of existence of the brand, excellent product quality has been appreciated by millions of consumers in more than 50 countries of the world. Collagen, cysteine, and keratin are included in the curler, so that in the process of lamination the eyelashes receive care. The procedure does not discolor or damage them, and due to the enrichment of nutrients, the growth of eyelashes is activated.

To achieve the best effect, RefectoCil is applied to the eyelashes at the last stage of the procedure. After lamination, the scales are open, so the paint will last approximately 50-80 days. The allowable interval between procedures is 2 months.

As a result, the volume and density of eyelashes is increased by 30%, they look thick, long, shiny and completely natural. The procedure is completely safe. Duration is 50 minutes.

eyelash lamination photo

Permanent lamination of eyelashes includes:

  • Eye makeup removing;
  • Eyelashes degreasing;
  • Choosing a curl eyelashes;
  • Applying a permanent composition LashPerm;
  • Applying fixative Neutralizer;
  • Coloring after lamination.

The centers where the procedure of lamination of eyelashes is carried out:

Metro Station Mins'ka, 21 Obolonskyi Avenue, Tel: 067 270-86-86;
Metro Station Holosiivs'ka, 74 Holosiivs'kyi Avenue, Tel: 067 362 55 88;
Troieshchyna, 3 Street Lavrukhina, Tel: 068 199-09-90 5 Mury Avenue, Darnyts'ka Square (former Leningrads'ka square),Tel: (098) 822-52-52 23
Shota Rustaveli Street, Metro Station Palats Sportu, Tel: 096 144 34 34

Eyelash Lamination (Lash Lift)

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