The new center of laser hair removal and cosmetology chain “Lumenis” near Chernihivska metro station at 5, Kioto Street.

affably opened the door for new clients and those who’ve already entered the family of “Lumenis”. We’re opened our new center near metro station for the convenience of the residents of Lisovyi massif and Voskresenka district and we are always waiting for visitors with a joy.

Problem of unwanted hair is solved

To deal with unwanted body and face hair is no longer a problem. Smooth skin is no longer a dream but a reality since appearing of laser hair removal. To remove hair quickly, painlessly and without such side effects as irritation, ingrown, itching is possible only with laser hair removal.

armpit laser hair removal

Laser hair removal in Kyiv is available in many beauty salons, but not all of them can boast of certified equipment and professional specialists.

The center of laser hair removal and cosmetology “Lumenis” uses lasers of Israel company LUMENIS, which is world leader in production of laser equipment for medical and cosmetology field. Today, these devices are recognized worldwide as the “gold standard” of laser hair removal, having received this rank for high efficiency and safety.

Procedure performed on LUMENIS family devices (LUMENIS LightSheer ET, LUMENIS LightSheer DESIRE, LUMENIS LightSheer DUET) guarantees the maximum result, comfort during the session and absence of harm to the health.

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How do lasers work

The method of selective photothermolysis is used to remove unwanted hair with a laser. It means that laser beam is aimed at the pigment melanin that is located in hair. Laser beam is conducted to hair follicle by melanin. Absorbed by melanin, the laser light energy is converted into thermal energy and destroys the follicle. Thus, hair doesn’t grow anymore.


The advantage of using the LUMENIS devices is that laser radiation doesn’t affect the skin, circulatory system and internal organs, but exclusively on pigment located in the hair.

Unlike all other hair removal methods, laser hair removal doesn’t cause skin irritation, excludes the possibility of ingrown hair occurrence and the main thing is that it destroys hair follicles. Such an effect cannot be given by any of the known methods.

Our specialists

Our specialists are particular pride of the company. We carefully approach the selection of both laser hair removal technicians and administrators. “Люменис” works strictly according to European standards in the beauty and healthcare fields, therefore, visiting our Centers you will plunge into the warm atmosphere and will get high quality service. Attentive and caring administrators and specialists with high medial education and big work’s experience will give the pleasure of staying in our salons.

Call and book an appointment. If you have questions you can ask our consultants. All consultations are free. We are waiting for you!

“Lumenis” center near Chernihivska metro station
Kyiv, 3, Kioto Street