Is it possible to remove unwanted hair from the body for a long time? Yes, if you go to a professional salon and follow all the doctor's recommendations. Diode lasers Lumenis Light Sheer ET and Lumenis Light Sheer Desire are the best devices for removing unwanted facial and body hair, which was recognized all over the world. With their help, the Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology Center on Darnytsia carries out a modern cosmetology procedure called laser hair removal. These devices are using in all the centers of the company "Люменис", and feedback about laser hair removal confirms that this method is effective, like no other. Diode lasers from Israeli company "Люменис" remove hair, while ensuring maximum safety and an unsurpassed lasting result. Innovative high-energy diode technology allows us to guarantee high quality of laser hair removal in Kyiv.

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World scientists recognize Lumenis Light Sheer ET and Lumenis Light Sheer Desire as the best, they are rightly awarded the highest rating of professionals called the "gold standard of laser hair removal"! They belong to the latest generation of laser devices used in the beauty industry. The latest scientific discoveries made it possible to create devices whose impact is absolutely safe for human health. And, of course, in our salons we are working exactly with such equipment. The undeniable advantage of the Lumenis Light Sheer ET – is sapphire optics. Thanks to this feature, skin is protected from overheating, which excludes the risk of burns and pain. During the procedure, a gel-conductor is used.

Lumenis LightSheer Desire - is a device for laser hair removal with a unique vacuum amplification technology that allows you to get rid of unwanted hair faster, as the size of the nozzle is larger, which shortens the duration of the procedure. In addition, this device makes it possible to carry out the procedure on any skin phototype. Consult your doctor for a free consultation and choose the optimal procedure for yourself, based on the individual characteristics of the body, as well as the type of hair and skin. Nevertheles, the main thing is that the use of these lasers completely excludes the occurrence of such side effects as allergy, irritation, ingrown hairs, burns and other unpleasant phenomena. This is what distinguishes diode hair removal from all known efforts to free your body from unwanted hair. Smooth, beautiful and healthy skin without pain and complications!


In all our centers you will find permanent promotions and discounts for laser hair removal. Prices are always available, and the quality of services is at the highest level. Center for laser hair removal and cosmetology "Люменис" near Darnytsia metro station at 2 Zhmachenka Street once again confirms our main rule: to act only in the interests of the client. Like all our branches, the laser hair removal center on Darnitsa is in the maximum proximity to the subway, and our proven doctors work on the best in the world certified Lumenis Light Sheer ET and Lumenis Light Sheer Desire diode lasers.

The second, not less significant service of the "Люменис" center on Darnytsia, is face and body cosmetology. We provide the whole complex of modern cosmetology procedures to look after appearance. The best devices, care products of leading manufacturers, the newest methods competing surgical intervention.

Our cosmetologists constantly master the skills of progressive techniques and know how to give youth and a superb mood. And all this is in the warm atmosphere of a beautiful salon and at affordable prices! Call us now and make an appointment to a free consultation at a convenient time for you.

The second, no less significant service of the "Люменис" center on Darnytsia is face and body cosmetology:

Call us now and make an appointment to a free consultation at a convenient time for you.

Сenter "Люменис" on 2 Zhmachenka Street, Metro Station Darnytsia,
Kyiv, Ukraine,
Tel. (044) 568 29 29
Tel. (063) 568 29 29
Tel. (067) 364 64 74
Features of the center: near Darnytsia metro station

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