Laser Hair Removal Center "Люменис" near the Holosiivs'ka metro station, 74 Holosiivs'ky Avenue, is one of the branches of the largest in Ukraine chain of centers of Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology "Люменис". Here you can get rid of unwanted hair and get the full complex of facial and body care with the help of manual and hardware techniques. The center is located within walking distance from the metro station. Visiting our salon will leave you only pleasant impressions, and the result after passing the procedures will please for a long time.

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Why do we recommend laser hair removal?

Despite wide range of methods of hair removal laser hair removal in Kyiv is an undoubted leader in this sphere. Electroepilator, razor, shugaring, and depilatory cream is the result of these procedures is held up to four weeks. Irritation and ingrown hair? How to achieve smooth skin bypassing these troubles? Laser hair removal will help to avoid all of these problems. Customer's feedback confirms that the dream about getting rid of unwanted hair constantly will become a reality.

Diode lasers Lumenis Light Sheer ET and Lumenis LightSheer Desire

Of all the variety of laser equipment we decided to use the Lumenis Light Sheer ET and Lumenis LightSheer Desire. This equipment is recognized as the "gold standard" of laser hair removal. Diode lasers Lumenis Light Sheer ET and Lumenis LightSheer Desire allow making the procedure as efficient as possible and getting a good result in the shortest time. The course of laser hair removal will on average 8 procedures. It depends on the structure of the hair, the color of the hair and the physiological characteristics of the body. You can visit our center and get a free consultation to find out what the result will be in your case.

How painless is laser hair removal?

Myths of painful laser hair removal are greatly exaggerated. During laser exposure the temperature in the hair follicle increases, which causes destruction of the bulb. Therefore, laser hair removal cannot be absolutely painlness. However, sapphire optics in the device Lumenis LightSheer ET has a cooling effect, reducing discomfort. Therefore, this method of removing unwanted hair is much less painful than depilation with wax. And the unique nozzle of the Lumenis LightSheer Desire ensures the painlessness of the procedure due to vacuum amplification. You can use local anesthetic if you have a low pain threshold. You must notify the administrator because the duration of the procedure will increase by 40 minutes.

How safe is laser hair removal?

Observing all the recommendations of a specialist laser hair removal is absolutely safe. The laser beam penetrates only a few millimeters and dissipates leaving no burns and not approaching the internal organs. After the procedure a slight redness may remain, but it will disappear for two hours maximum. After 10-14 days 30% of hair fall out, the growth of the remaining will slow down. In 1-2 procedures there will be no ingrown hairs. Having done a course of laser hair removal you will get rid of all unwanted hair, and if you follow the advice of a doctor the result will fix for a long time.

Advantages of laser hair removal in "Люменис"

Laser hair removal and cosmetology center "Люменис" is located within walking distance from Holosiivs'ka metro station at the address: 74 Holosiivs'ky Avenue. For your convenience we work by appointment, from 7 to 23 hours all week. Choosing laser hair removal in this center or in any other with a blue signboard "Люменис" you choose efficiency and safety.

Center for laser hair removal "Люменис" near the Holosiivs'ka metro station offers  services  in cosmetology of face and body and also various manual massages:

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We make all efforts to make your choice justified and feedback on our work only positive.

center "Люменис" on 74 Holosiivs'kyi Avenue, Metro Station Holosiivs'ka,
Kyiv, Ukraine, , Tel. (067) 362 55 88, (093) 911 65 10
Features: near metro station Holosiivs'ka

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