Laser hair removal and cosmetology center “Люменис” is located at 60/5, Lomonosova Street, being one more brunch of our company. We invite all residents of the cozy housing complex near Ipodrom metro station and adjacent areas to undergo laser hair removal treatments using the newest diode machines LUMENIS Light Sheer ET and LUMENIS Light Sheer DESIRE. Exactly these lasers were recognized worldwide as ‘the gold standard’ for undesired hair removal. Procedure is safe and painless thanks to the systems of contact cooling and vacuum amplification. The maximal result can be achieved for minimal amount of sessions. To date, unwanted body hair removal is simple and available.

How to find us

To get to the new center “Люменис” is very simply. It’s easily reached both from the Ipodrom metro station and Vasylkivska metro station. “Люменис” is situated in the district Teremky II, between Ipodrom and Vasylkivska metro station on the territory of LCD “Liko-Grad”. “Liko-Grad” is a big modern LCD with great infrastructure and wonderful rest area. We invite all residents of the district Teremky II and surroundings to our salon offering you to undergo the procedure of laser hair removal and the wide range of cosmetology services.

What we offer

There are 3 spacious cabinets in our salon where you may complete the course of procedures of laser hair removal choosing any device and also to make facial cosmetology procedures. The laser LUMENIS Light Sheer ET includes the cooling system what excludes the risk of getting a burn during session. Also this system minimize unpleasant and painful afterwards and provides the maximum comfort for any client. However, by customer’s wish, in case of the low pain threshold it’s possible to use additional numbing. Small working’s ‘spot’ size of manipula of this device removes hair easily in such zones as the upper lip or dotty in the case of need. LUMENIS Light Sheer DESIRE is the device with a vacuum system. And it’s much useful in treatment of large areas of the body due to big size of working ‘spot’ of the handpeice. So the time of the procedure is being significantly reduced. The vacuum system does not involve anesthesia as it fully eliminates unpleasant feelings. Our specialists will help you to choose device and will consult you. Consultations in “Люменис” are free. You can ask the doctor all your questions regarding the procedure, preparation, and how to take care about skin in the post-treatment period.

Face cosmetology near Teremky metro station

Besides undesired hair removal we offer the wide range of face cosmetology services. Manual cosmetology procedures are the base of facial. They are needed in any age and may be undertaken in any season. Must not also forget this is an excellent prevention of skin aging and the necessary measure for keeping a well-groomed look. In the“Люменис” center at the Teremky destrict you can undergo face cleansing, various peels to removal different aesthetic defects, and facial procedures for any age and type of the skin. Available prices and traditional bonus programs for new and regular visitors of the “Люменис” chain, high quality of service, homely atmosphere in combination with the usage of the newest progressive methods have attracted millions clients to our company. Join and become one of them, making sure that you’ll become more beautiful with us. Wasn’t an accident that slogan of “Люменис” is “Your beauty is our calling!”

Cosmetology procedures in “Люменис” near Ipodrom metro station:

Manual body massages

In laser hair removal and cosmetology "Люменис" center at 60/5, Lomonosova Street, you can get a course of manual massages, both for adults and for children from the age of 1 year. Manua massages are necessary for the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases, recovering from injuries, eliminating muscle tension, improving metabolism and muscle tone. For our youngest clients (from 1 to 3 years old) massage session includes elements of passive gymnastics.

We offer several types of massages:

  • for children – it is indicated both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, for improving blood circulation, coordinating the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and muscle activity, normalizing the functioning of the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal tract, as well as clubfoot, valgus and varus feet, scoliotic posture;
  • vacuum - massage using silicone cups improves blood circulation and lymph flow, improves immunity, is especially useful for children with problems such as torticollis, scoliosis, kyphosis;
  • honey – - increases muscle tone, immunity, has a powerful cleansing and tightening effect on the skin;
  • classic – restores muscle function, relieves fatigue, normalizes performance;
  • classic - segment-reflex – тthe technique of therapeutic massage, which consists in the selective effect on the reflex zones, in order to transmit an impulse to a certain internal organ.

Despite the invention of hardware techniques, manual body massages do not lose their popularity. A sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, stress, poor ecology and unhealthy diet cause even osteochondrosis, postural curvature, muscle tension, and sleep disturbance. Massages will help to recover and relax, improve well-being.

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