Laser Hair Removal And Cosmetology Center "Люменис" near Lukianivska metro station is the place where you can completely relax and entrust care of yourself to professionals. The basis of our work is an individual approach to each client and the high quality of the provided services. We know everything about hair removal, we can offer you the best, accordingly, choosing "Lumenis" you are guaranteed to receive free consultation, effective procedure and sincere attention of the staff.

Our team at the center near Lukianivska metro station

Laser hair removal is effective and safe

The main service provided in all centers "Люменис" is laser hair removal. There are many ways to remove hair: but the best is laser hair removal with laser devices Lumenis Light Sheer ET and Lumenis Light Sneer DESIRE, which is why we use them in our centers.

The device Lumenis Light Sheer DESIRE represents a revolutionary breakthrough in laser cosmetology. It is recognized as the safest and most powerful system for removing unwanted hair. Unique vacuum amplification technology allows significantly reducing the duration of the session, their total number and, most importantly, making the procedure as painless as possible.

Diode lasers are the newest development of the American corporation "COHERENT", they have shown high efficiency during clinical testings and have received a positive assessment of our clients.

"Люменис" is always:

  • excellent reputation
  • convenient location
  • high level of service

We offer:

  • free consultations
  • effective procedures
  • special offers and discounts

"Люменис" is 11 years of impressed reputation!

Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology Center"Люменис" is the largest chain of centers in Kyiv and Ukraine. Today, laser hair removal is the best alternative to all other ways of removing unwanted hair, which with minimal discomfort will save you from unwanted hair in any part of the body! If once in the market of aesthetic medicine will appear more effective way, we will tell you about it first.

5 advantages which our clients get!

  • We work for you, we sincerely care for your beauty, safety and convenience.
  • In our centers only verified procedures, professional doctors and certified equipment.
  • All centers of laser cosmetology and hair removal "Люменис" offer a wide range of procedures for hardware cosmetology and "gold standard" for laser hair removal.
  • We always located in an exclusive proximity to the metro and you will never confused our beauty centers with others, thanks to the bright signboards.
  • In our centers there is always a cozy corner where you can have a cup of tea, coffee or juice absolutely free.

Remove hair forever for really!

The course of laser hair removal will allow you to solve the problem of unwanted hair. After the first procedure you will finally get rid of ingrown hair and with each subsequent will leave at least 30% of the hair. And breaks between procedures and regular promotions will allow you to save money, which makes laser hair removal not only effective, but affordable.

Laser hair removal is available and cost-effective

The cost of laser hair removal is quite affordable, because you won't have to pay for this service as often as buying more and more razors and dhair removal creams. The minimum break between the first procedures is 4 weeks, and each time the break increases for another 2 weeks. Having done only a few procedures you will feel the cost savings on hair removal. More detail information about our prices you can find in section "price", and with possible discounts and bonuses in section "promotions".

Trust professionals

Make sure step towards your beauty. The best equipment of the world producers for laser hair removal and hardware cosmetology in combination with skillful hands of doctors will enhance your natural beauty. The impact of light energy is absolutely safe for health. Up-to-date methods effectively solve many aesthetic problems.

Call our center, qualified experts will be glad to answer all your questions.

In addition to laser hair removal we offer a wide range of cosmetology services for face and body. Modern hardware procedures for the shining and youth of your skin.

Face and body laser cosmetology

Face cosmetology

Body cosmetology

51b, Illienka Street, Lukianivs'ka Metro Station,
Kyiv, Ukraine,
Tel:(067) 383-83-84, (067) 583-15-08.

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