Looking for a laser hair removal center near the Mins'ka metro station? Dreaming about laser hair removal for a long time, but can not decide in any way, because doubts is overwhelming you? Do not know what information you can believe to? We invite you for a free consultation in the new laser hair removal center "Люменис". The bonus to free consultation will be the cozy atmosphere of the center and free drinks. We will tell you about the effectiveness of one or another method of hair removal and help you choose the best solution for you.


Our team at the center near Minska metro station

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What are the ways to remove hair?

By aesthetic standards of hair on the human body should not be much. Therefore, most women and men solve the problem of unwanted hair on the face and body daily. Men most often choose a standard shave, women experiment by trying that wax, then shugar epilation, then the epilator, then the depilatory cream, then again return to that same razor. However, none of these methods solve the problem of irritation, ingrown hairs and yesterday's bristles. Day after day, the struggle with unwanted hair continues again and again ...

Is it possible to remove hair permanently?

This question is the most frequently, this is what worries many people. Hair can be removed. But for this you need to take a course of laser hair removal, which will average 8 sessions, and make a supporting procedure. No way will permanently remove all the hair in one procedure. But laser hair removal with a diode laser will do it for a minimal amount of influences. Today the most effective hair removal systems are Lumenis Light Sheer ET (with contact cooling system) and Lumenis LightSheer DESIRE (with vacuum amplification) diode lasers. In addition, due to a new nozzle, which has a greater coverage of skin areas, the procedure time is reduced, so it is used in all the "Люменис" centers.

аппарат для лазерной эпиляции

What is the difference between the hair removal on the LightSheer DESIRE device
from all the others??

  • A large coverage area of 22 x 35 mm, which shortens the time of the procedure.
  • Vacuum strengthening, which tying up the hairs closer to the light source, reducing the effect on the pigment in the skin, i.e. not heating it.
  • Internal reflective surface of the handle transmits the scattered laser beams to the treated area, avoiding energy loss and increasing the efficiency of hair removal.

начало работы на аппарате LIGHTSHEER DESIRE

Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology "Люменис"

Today, the chain of laser hair removal centers "Люменис" is the largest in Kyiv. Our centers successfully work in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Vinnytsa, Krivyi Rig, Zhytomyr, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv and four European countries.

Another advantage of the "Люменис" center on Obolonskyi Avenue is the hardware and manual face and body cosmetology:


Your choice is laser hair removal

Choosing laser hair removal in any of the laser hair removal centers "Люменис" you choose efficiency and safety. All equipment has passed mandatory certification and corresponds all safety standards. All specialists, who make laser hair removal, have a medical education and do not cease to improve.

Center "Люменис" metro station Minska
Kyiv, Ukraine, 21, tel. (067) 270 86 86
Features of the center: near the Mins'ka metro station

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