Opening of a new “Люменис” center at 1, Vadyma Hetmana Street, is the best news for residents of Shuliavka, Otradnyi, Nyvky and Syrets districts.Now the biggest and the most spacious center, where we offer the various cosmetology and medical services of the highest quality using the most modern equipment and at affordable prices, is very close to you.

Hair removal method

The laser beam acts “sighting” on pigment melanin which is located in the hair. Absorbed by melanin, the laser light energy is converted into thermal energy, after what hair follicle is heated and destroyed. Thus the source of hair growth is eliminated. This distinguishes the method of laser hair removal from all other methods of hair removal. At the same time selective action of the laser beam doesn’t damage the skin and the laser pulse is produced with such speed and frequency that the client doesn’t feel any pain or temperature. But the main thing is to remove hair with a laser means to remove it for many years. Only after a long period time - 5-7 years – some follicles can resume their growth and individual hairs will appear. Then you may need 1-2 maintaining procedures in a year. The rest of the time your skin will be absolutely smooth!

armpit laser hair removal

Endosphere therapy at the Shuliavska metro station

An exclusive technique of body contouring ЭENDOSPHERE THERAPY, which was previously available only in elite salons, now is available to You! In the center “Люменис”on Shuliavkaya we offer to complete the course of Endosphere therapy procedures.


  • Minus two sizes
  • Cellulite removal
  • Elimination of edema
  • Elastic, toned skin

Uniqueness of the technique:

  • Virtually no contraindications
  • Elimination of cellulite at its last stage (stage of fibrous seals)
  • Prevention of varicose veins
  • Removal of lymphatic stasis

Endospheres therapy is also used for the facial treatments with the aim of face shape modeling, smoothing wrinkles, reduction of edema and bags under the eyes, improvement of muscle tone.

endosphere therapy

Manual and hardware face cosmetology

Manual facials - cleansing, masks, peels, massages -are always in demand and loved by customers. Author’s facials will provide an individual approach to each client, taking into account the skin type, aesthetic deficiencies that need to be addressed, age and other features. Our specialists work using the professional cosmetics from leading manufactures of France, Israel, Germany and Spain. Modern cosmetic products allow you to clean your skin, to tighten face, to get rid of wrinkles, to significantly slow down the aging process. Regular visits to cosmetologist are the secret to beautiful and healthy face skin and self – confidence.

Facial Endospheres Therapy and laser carbon peel are certainly the most popular hardware procedures offered in our center near Shuliavska Metro Station.


A dermatologist will restore your skin health and beauty. Dermatology is skin diseases diagnostic and its treatment, removal of skin lesions. If you find out suspicious spots on your skin, rash or volumetric birthmarks, remember that timely visiting a specialist minimizes the risk of complications. Make an appointment with our specialist and solve the problem using progressive methods.

diagnosis in a dermatologist


If you have problems with your nails (brittleness of nail plate , nail fungus, ingrown nail) or corns, foot cracks, you need a help of qualified podologist. Attempts to eliminate such defects by yourself, at best, will not bring results, and in the worst, they will only aggravate the problem. Contact a specialist and your legs will get a well-groomed look.

Center “Люменис” near Shuliavska metro st.,
Kyiv, 1, Vadyma Hetmana St, tel. 067 236 77 88.