We are glad to inform you that new branch of the largest chain of laser hair removal and cosmetology centers in Ukraine Lumenis was opened near Teremky metro station, 22 Hlushkova Avenue. Now residents of Teremky 1, Kriukivshchyna, Hatne and Chabany can make laser hair removal here, without losing time to go to the city center. Our salon, where experienced cosmetologists work, is conveniently located immediately near the Teremky metro station.

салон лазерной эпиляции Теремки

We invite visiting “Люменис” at Teremky everyone who wants to remove unwanted hair and to have smooth and beautiful skin. A warm atmosphere, friendly staff and European service awaits you in our new salon. In the comfortable and cozy recreation area you can watch TV and enjoy aromatic coffee or delicious tea, look through fashion magazines and just escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The benefits of laser hair removal in Lumenis

Today, many beauty salons offer the procedure of laser hair removal. The method of removing unwanted hair with a laser has proved to be the most effective, safe and painless. However, several conditions are necessary to obtain a good result:

  • medical professionalism;
  • hygiene during the procedure;
  • high-quality equipment.

All this you will find in the chain of centers of laser hair removal and cosmetology “Люменис”. Impeccable cleanliness of cabinets, sterility, certified consumables and equipment of the latest generation, in short, high quality of the services provided - is the credo of our company.

лазерная эпиляция ног

What equipment is used?

All our salons are equipped with diode lasers from the Israeli concern Lumenis, the largest manufacturer of medical equipment. Why do we choose exactly these devices? Diode lasers are laser systems of the 4th, last generation, in the development process of which all disadvantages of previous models were taken into account. Laser Lumenis LightSheer Desire is considered the “gold standard” for laser hair removal treatment. Using Lumenis LightSheer Desire to remove unwanted hair is guaranteed to provide:

  • painlessness of procedure;
  • no negative and side effects (burns, irritation, ingrown hair);
  • safety for the body;
  • expected results.

We chose the best equipment to provide the best services.


We offer our customers unique technique of Endospheres Therapy, which was available only in elite European clinics until recently. Now “Люменис" centers have a large number of Endospheres devices of original Italian production.

салон лазерной эпиляции Теремки

What Endospheres Therapy is?

This is a hardware massage that surpasses all known massage techniques in strength and effectiveness.

The procedure is indicated if you have:

  • excess weight;
  • cellulite (any stage);
  • swelling;
  • stretched skin;;
  • muscles that have lost their tone;
  • venous congestion;
  • muscle spasm.

for endosphere therapy:

  • Pregnancy and period of lactation
  • Viral infections
  • Skin diseases, dermatitis, open wounds
  • Oncological diseases

Only the course of Endospheres Therapy procedures will solve these problems quickly, efficiently and that is most importantly without pain and bruising. There is no other technique that provides such fantastic results. Body weight and size will be noticeably decreased after the first session.

Thanks to the powerful lymphatic drainage effect, body and face swelling disappears, skin tightens and smoothes as after exhausting exercises in the gym.

The method is based on the combined effect of vibration and compression. There are 55 silicone spheres on the handpiece, which are located respectively to the tissues of the human body. During the session, excess fluid is literally “squeezed” out of the body, the vessels seem to “do gymnastics”.

As a result, not only extra pounds and swelling is reduced, but also metabolism blood microcirculation and function of internal organs is improved.

The invention of Endospheres device became a real sensation in cosmetology and sports medicine. Now this technique is available to you. Make an appointment and see the magical effect of this miracle device!

Cosmetology at Teremky

In “Люменис” center at 22 Hlushkova Avenue, you can also try facial care services. Cleansing, peels, masks for all skin types and different age categories. We offer treatments for those who care about their appearance and want to prolong their youth, eliminate existing defects or prevent their appearance. The beautician will select necessary procedures, depending on the age and skin needs, will recommend a home care program.

косметология лица

Our specialists are our pride

Recruitment is a particularly important part of our work. We value each client and try to offer the most affordable prices, but also provide the highest quality service. Our doctors have higher medical education and extensive experience in the field of cosmetology. The administrative staff can take care of the client so that the visit to the salon is as comfortable and unforgettable as possible. Free consultations, discount programs, numerous promotions for new and regular customers, as well as for birthday people - all this is for our customers. Come and see for yourself!

«Люменис» center, Teremky Metro Station
22 Hlushkova Avenue, 1 minute walk from Teremky Metro Station
tel.: 068 472 42 42

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