A novelty for the inhabitants of Vynohradar, Vitriyany Hory, Priorka and Mostitskyi massif is the center of laser hair removal and cosmetology "Люменис". A large traffic interchange and a large parking on the 6/8 Yaroslava Ivashkevycha Street, make a convenient visit to our salon. We know how valuable time is and try to ensure that our customers do not waste it. Laser hair removal on Vynohradar is what our salon specializes in. Also, we offer a range of aesthetic face and body care procedures.


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New technologies in "Люменис"

Knowing that other methods of depilation may be ineffective, and the procedure itself is rather unpleasant, the American company Lumenis invented Lumenis LightSheer ET and Lumenis LightSheer DESIRE lasers which are the best devices for painless removal of unnecessary hair on body and face. These lasers are safety; their quality is confirmed by numerous certificates issued by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, as well as European certificates, including ISO 9001. With the Lumenis LightSheer family of diode lasers, laser hair removal has become the most commonly conducted cosmetic procedure in the world.

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Is laser hair removal safe?

Getting rid of unnecessary hair with a laser is a non-invasive method of hair removal. This procedure does not cause tissue damage or skin irritation, so it can be used even in sensitive areas of the body, such as the armpits, bikini zone or upper lip. A beam of laser light penetrates the skin and permanently destroys the hair follicles, but does not affect the thin structure of the epidermis. This treatment is recommended by dermatologists in case of ingrown hair, inflammation of the hair follicles.

Recommendations for the laser hair removal

It is necessary to follow the recommendations so that the hair removal procedure does not lead to skin irritation. First of all, do not sunbathe, use sunscreen and bronze balsams. You should also abandon all medications, including: antibiotics, psychotropic drugs, retinoids, tetracyclines, steroids, and hormones. Refrain from peeling and exfoliating procedures before the laser hair removal. It is also very important to follow the recommendations after the procedure. The skin can be irritated, so you need to be careful about it. Do not clean with soap and do not use cosmetics containing alcohol. If it is removing unwanted hair in the underarm area then do not use deodorants and antiperspirants. It is also forbidden to sunbathe for 2 weeks after the procedure. The skin should be protected from the sun.

With all these rules, you will get perfectly smooth skin for many years. Laser hair removal in Kyiv is a reliable way to save money and time. You will enjoy the result for many years without being distracted by unnecessary troubles. Visiting our salon will give your skin beauty and health, and you will get a good mood and self-confidence!

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Cosmetology procedures in "Люменис":

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