Laser rejuvenation in Kiev (fractional photothermolysis) – fractional photothermolysis is the skin rejuvenation and recovering method using the modern laser devices. This unique technology makes you look much younger. The result of photothermolysis is stable for at least 5 years. As far as one of magic effects is the retardation of aging process. Laser resurfacing (laser peeling) is the innovation in ininvasive rejuvenation methods.

laser rejuvenation


Laser rejuvenation (laser resurfacing) is suggested by Photo aging process, it means skin aging under the influence of ultraviolet rays. That reveal itself as a skin drying, shelling, rhytides, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, flabbiness. An aging process in this case doesn`t depend on your age. Such effect appears by people who likes staying under straight sun rays or overusing with solarium visits. It occurs by so-called “premature aging” and the mentioned method of skin renewal is recommended to young people. .

. Laser resurfacing is modern non-surgery method of removing the cicatrixes, scars, post-acne. As well as pigmentation, freckles, the ton of skin is smoothing out. This is not only the aging prevention but also effective anti-aging medicine.


In our center for laser rejuvenation is used the Resur FX Device erbium laser, which allows us to solve the wide specter of esthetic problems. By laser ray influence is possible:

  • rejuvenation of skin
  • reducing the wrinkles
  • cicatrixes, scars, post-acne
  • It starts the might regeneration process
  • the collagen and elastane synthesis are activating

The Resur FX Device erbium laser is the most safe and effective. It penetrates in skin on the minimal depth (not more than 1 mkm), avoiding traumatizing, that provides the short-term rehabilitation period.

The Princip of influence by Resur FX Device is: the thinnest laser ray makes the micro-zones on the skin, which are heating. The Thermal Energy is destroying old collagen and the surrounding cells division starts actively. They cover quickly destroyed zone, creating new, young skin without defects.


Laser rejuvenation (laser resurfacing) is rightfully considered as a “Gold Standart” for skin rejuvenation and treatment.

  • - The procedure is absolutely painless;
  • - It is available in any age (after 18) for women and men;
  • - It can be carried out in any season;
  • - Provides the perfect result on any area of your body or face;
  • - Doesn`t involve any complications;
  • - the rehabilitation period is easy and predicted.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The procedure is different from ablation laser resurfacing with recovering process of 1-2 month. Its rehabilitation period is short-termed. It takes from few hours to few days (maximal 2 weeks) before completing the skin recovery process. Unlike the chemical peeling and dermabrader this influence is not traumatic for skin.


  • - Deep and not deep wrinkles;
  • - Freckles, hyperpigmentation, pigmentation
  • - Skin flabbiness, loss of tonus, toneless complexion
  • - cicatrixes, scars, post-acne, scars after surgeries
  • - enlarged pores
  • - ruff relief of skin
  • - skin aging prevention

The recommended course is 3-6 procedures with interval at least 5 minutes (for improving of strongly visible defects). For general rejuvenation as a rule it is only enough one procedure. The periodicity, frequency and terms of procedure are usually determined by doctor individually for each client depending on solving problem.


The result of laser rejuvenation (laser resurfacing) is visible after first procedure. At the moment, there is no more effective methodic for rejuvenation than laser resurfacing. Client`s references confirm, that after first treatment the traces of cicatrixes, scars, post-acne, pigmentation (as well as acquired one) get more invisible and they can notice the unwrinkle. Your skin becomes tight, stretched, turgor improves, the ton and relief get better.


  • - before treatment doctor cleans your skin and removes make up
  • - next important step is processing of treated skin area with antiseptic
  • - after that, patient and doctor have to wear the goggles, that will be protecting retina from laser influence
  • - laser impulses skin treatment
  • - after procedure doctor puts on the processed area soothing cream or mask (depending on skin needs) with disinfecting ingredients
  • - and the last phase is putting the cream with sun protective effect.

The procedure lasts 30-90 minutes. First 1-2 days can be the skin redness, sloughing of skin, some edema, feeling of itching. All those are normal. For this period, you shouldn`t wet your skin, touching it and put some decorative cosmetic.


It is absolutely important to remember, that the result of treatment depends directly on holding any doctor`s recommendations. Including appropriate preparation and following any conditions before and after treatment procedure, even if they seem very simple and insignificant.


  • - do not tan during 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the treatment.
  • - do not visit sauna, solarium or swimming pool during 2 weeks after the treatment
  • - do not take any aspirin, ibuprofen or medicine similar to them 7 days before and 7 days after the treatment
  • - do not use the bum cream 4 weeks before the treatment
  • - use the sun protecting cream not less than 30 SPF independing on season.

CAUTION: 3 months should past after retinoids taking


  • - oncological diseases
  • - benign neoplasms in area of treatment
  • - blood diseases
  • - cardio-vascular diseases
  • - infection diseases
  • - diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders
  • - avidance of cardio stimulator
  • - Tuberculosis
  • - evidence of inflammatory conditions on areas to be cared
  • - period of pregnancy and lactation
  • - pre-existing conditions in exacerbation
  • - diseases of the mind, epilepsy
  • - disposition for keloid cicatrix
  • - availability of wounds, cuts obsesses in the area to be treated
  • - allergic dermatitis, acneiform rash, psoriasis
  • - tan 30 days before treatment
  • - Age up to 18 years old


The mentioned treatment  is carried out in the Center of Laser epilation "Люменис". As long as the procedure on Laser Devices required operation of high qualified specialist. In our Center the treatment is carried out by experienced doctor with High Medical education and specialization on derma-cosmetology.

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Mon; Sun: 5, Obolons`kyi avenue, Metro Station Obolon, tel. 068 388 58 85

Laser Rejuvenation

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