Stretches (striae) – lineal scars on skin, as a rule, blue colored. This defect appears as a following of different reasons: pregnancy, nourishing, weight variation, abrupt jump of growth by teenagers. As well the stretches marks can appear by sportsmen and people with endocrine system diseases. Skin stretching involves the cuttings of collagen and elastin tissues. In these areas skin becomes thinner and appears the line of other color and structure. They often appear in such body parts as hips, tummy, buttocks and breasts.


The women as well as men want to rid of mentioned non-esthetic occurance. Luckily, nowadays we have method to solve this problem, that is laser stretch mark removal. We have plenty of beauty salons in Kiev, that offer this kind of services. But you can trust your body only to qualified Doctors. It is also important which laser system is used therefor. There exist fractional laser systems, which impact is directed exclusively on defected areas. In this case, the healthy skin remains non-traumatic, no side effects appear, the internals are not injured. The above-mentioned technology does not hurt your health.


In the center of laser epilation Lumenis we use  Resur FX Device erbium laser. What is the reason we have chosen this devise?  This is the fractional laser, which is operating by the way of NE ablative photo-thermolyze. The laser ray makes micro-holes in deep levels of derma, that activates forming of new, young collagen and elastane cells. The epidermis is not involved in process. Minimal traumatization of skin, harmless radiation, short-termed rehabilitation period. The highest efficiency differs the above stated devise from other systems.

Using Resur FX Device erbium laser we offer the list of cosmetology procedures, solving plenty of esthetic problems:

  • Laser resurfacing of skin
  • Removing the cicatrixes, scars, post-acne
  • Laser plasma lifting
  • Treatment of alopaсia
  • Rejuvenation and whitening of intima zones

The selective and delicate influence of laser emission warrants the forecasted result and painless during seances.

laser stretch mark removal


The prediction for laser stretch mark removal is availability of stretch marks themselves. This popular and demanded method is used by women and men of any age. The only one contradiction is age up to 18 years old. It is connected with physiological specialties of growing organism. And of course, there are some contradictions, related to hard pre-existing conditions and diseases.

OBLIGATORY: before procedure you have to consult by specialist and have a medical examination.


laser stretch mark removal has no season restrictions. However, if you plan to operate the open areas of your body, it is recommended to carry on the procedure in autumn-spring period, because after any laser procedure the staying in straight sun rays should be limited. The long-term contact with water should be also restricted, it means visiting the swimming pools or open area lakes supposed to be avoided.

Procedure`s operation:

  • before treatment doctor cleans your skin
  • next important step is processing of treated skin area with antiseptic
  • after that, patient and doctor have to wear the goggles, that will be protecting retina from laser influence.
  • laser impulses skin treatment
  • after procedure doctor puts on the processed area soothing cream or mask (depending on skin needs) with disinfecting ingredients.
  • the last phase is sun protecting filter cream putting on.

The general number of procedures is determined individually and can vary from 6 to 10 seances with interval of 1-2 months. The duration of one séance should not be more then 60 minutes.

The result of laser influence is equal to burns. It means, that the skin treatment supposed to be appropriate. You ought to cream the operated areas with humidificating cream profusely. The rehabilitation period lasts from 5 days to 2 weeks. During this time the redness, some edema and sometimes feeling pain is possible. In this case using of cold compresses is effective. Skin shelling and scabs should not be removed all alone in any case. Thus, may involve traumatizing the epidermis and appearance of new stretch marks.

CAUTION: during 6 months after procedure it is prohibited to visit solarium or tan in straight sun rays!


Quite often the stretchmarks appear on women breasts after pregnancy and nourishing. These days the removal is forbidden, but when the baby will grow up, mother wans to improve her appearance for sure. The breast is the most sensitive part of woman`s body and it is necessary to remove the stretch marks with special care. Aggressive methodic, inappropriate carrying out of procedure, unqualified doctor, careless skin preparation and treatment can involve unpleasant consequences even complications as mastopathy. Do not forget, the right choice of clinic and competent specialist has great meaning for you!

IMPORTANT: before going to the procedure, it is obligatory to execute appropriate medical examination on evidence of diseases and pathologies. And only, when you are sure that everything is all right, you can go to clinic of laser cosmetology.


The main advantages of mentioned methodic are:

  • It is possible on any areas of skin cover
  • It is not the surgery
  • You can see results after your first séance
  • It is possible to remove not only the stretch marks but also vascular stars and pigment spots
  • The procedure is painless and is carrying out in comfort for patient conditions

No one of before used methods show such high results as a laser stretch marks removal. References of clients, who have tested this method evidence that at least 80% of stretch marks are less visible.


  • period of pregnancy and lactation
  • oncological diseases
  • diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders
  • cardio-vascular diseases
  • any skin diseases
  • remission of any infection
  • varicose veins
  • age up to 18 years old


The mentioned laser stretch marks removal treatment is carried out in many beauty salons, clinics and medical centers in Kiev. It is very important to make the right choice not only of specialized organization, but also of professional and experienced specialist – dermatologist. The required conditions of perfect result are modern high-quality equipment and high-qualified doctor. All mentioned above you can find in the Center of Laser epilation and cosmetology "Люменис". Eleven years of experience in area of beauty let us carry out the wide spectrum of cosmetology procedures at the appropriate level. All of our experienced doctors have High Medical education, profile certificates all the time they rise their professional level at medical seminars. We constantly follow the appearance of technological know-how at the world market and purchase exclusively the best equipment of famous and reliable producers.

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Now a day laser stretch marks removal is the best method in the world against striaes. The price of procedure will depend on depth and size of defect and its location.

Laser Stretch Mark And Scars Removal

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