Laser hair removal on back will save you from your own attempts to remove unwanted hair in this area. Excessive hair on the back, hips, shoulders, chest is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can also cause sweating. In addition, such a male body is no longer a standard of beauty. Well, on a woman's body it is completely inappropriately. The desired result, unfortunately, will not be able to provide any of the existing methods of hair removal. The method of laser hair removal is the most progressive of all known methods for solving this problem today. By choosing it, you get rid of discomfort and inconvenience for a long period. Besides, without side effects, such as irritation, allergic reactions on the skin or ingrowth hair.

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Trying to get a skin that is unsurpassed in its smoothness, only sign up for the procedure of laser hair removal will be not enough. To make the process of removing excess hair as effective as possible, you also need to have a number of preparatory moments.


10-14 days before the procedure not to go to the solarium or sunbathe under direct sunlight.
14 days before the session not to take tetracycline antibiotics, as well as preparations related to fluoroquinolones.
2-3 weeks before laser hair removal all other types of depilation should be excluded, except shaving.
Before the procedure carry out a thorough shaving of the epilated area (avoid applying creams, deodorants, etc., to the shaved areas.)
Not to use alcohol-containing lotions / tonics 3 days before the procedure and 3 days after the hair removal session.
IMPORTANT adhere to the schedule of visits recommended by your doctor, as well as all rules for the passing laser hair removal.


The procedure for laser hair removal on these areas of the body is the most labor-intensive due to the large area of treatment. In addition, the hair here is usually thicker and tighter than in other parts of the body. This may require more procedures than hair removal of other zones. The interval between them is 4-6 weeks. It is known that men's pain threshold is lower than that women's. The Lumenis Light Sheer ET diode laser, which we use for the laser hair removal procedure in our centers, is equipped with a cooling system, which significantly reduces unpleasant sensations. At the request of the clients it is possible to use anesthetics. With each subsequent session not only growing hair, but also "sleeping" bulbs are removing. Gradually, the hair becomes less, and eventually disappears at all. The body becomes more attractive, and you have an active life without unnecessary worries!

Laser Hair Removal On Back And Abdomen

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