Laser hair removal on legs is undoubtedly the most progressive method of getting rid unwanted hair. Which representative of the beautiful sex does not dream about elimination excessive hair on the legs? After all, beautiful, well-groomed legs is an integral part of the ideal image of a modern woman, to whom everyone aspires. The times when shaving was the only way to get rid of unwanted hair has already been in the past. The advantages of laser hair removal before other methods are enormous. Firstly, there is no risk of hair ingrowth. Secondly, safety and painlessness. In order to make you feel comfortable during the session, various anesthetics are used in our Center. In the end, you get rid of this problem once and for all! And no complications. Feel free to fill your wardrobe with mini-skirts, small dresses and shorts! The staff of "Lumenis" will greet you and will make your stay in the Center pleasant and memorable.

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Trying to get a skin that is unsurpassed in its smoothness, only sign up for the procedure of laser hair removal will be not enough. To make the process of removing excess hair as effective as possible, you also need to have a number of preparatory moments.


10-14 days before the procedure not to go to the solarium or sunbathe under direct sunlight.
14 days before the session not to take tetracycline antibiotics, as well as preparations related to fluoroquinolones.
2-3 weeks before laser hair removal all other types of depilation should be excluded, except shaving.
Before the procedure carry out a thorough shaving of the epilated area (avoid applying creams, deodorants, etc., to the shaved areas.)
Not to use alcohol-containing lotions / tonics 3 days before the procedure and 3 days after the hair removal session.
IMPORTANT adhere to the schedule of visits recommended by your doctor, as well as all rules for the passing laser hair removal.


The method of laser hair removal lies in influence of the light on a pigment such as melanin, which is contained in the hair bulb. Without nutrition, the bulb collapses over time. After the procedure, the skin may slightly blush. This is the norm and will last for a maximum of 2-3 days. The total number of sessions is from 5 to 10, the duration of one is approximately 60 minutes. The interval between them is about a month and a half, depending on the degree of hair growth. However, the effect will not make you wait a long time and after the first session the result will impress you! Immediately more than 20% of the hair will fall out.

Before starting a series of procedures in our Center, the client receives a free consultation of a qualified specialist, taking into account their individual characteristics. The doctor determines the type of skin, because intensity of the laser light and the degree of power of the apparatus, with which the procedure will be performed, depends on it. Also, the doctor necessarily warns the client about contraindications.


The quality of our work is guaranteed by a team of professional, skilled employees and highly innovative equipment. The Lumenis Light Sheer ET diode laser, which we use, is the last word in the world of laser cosmetology. It provides maximum effect for a minimum number of procedures. Our Center always has a variety of promotions, not just for regular customers, but for new visitors as well. A flexible system of discounts and bonuses, of course, will not leave you indifferent. Welcome to "Люменис"!

Laser Hair Removal On Legs

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