Manicure and pedicure completes the harmonious image of a well-groomed person. Some women prefer short nails, others - longer ones, others resort to extensions, but everyone understands how beautifully well-groomed hands look. In addition to the beauty of the nails, the delicate and thin skin of the hands needs protection and care. Daily application of nourishing cream is a necessary condition for hand care and preservation of the integrity of the skin. Cracks in the back of the hand not only spoil the view of hands, but also are the open gates for infection. You can make a manicure in Kyiv in the salons of the chain "Люменис".

And what about our legs, which tolerate heels, uncomfortable shoes, and long shopping trips? By the way, to make a pedicure in Kyiv is necessary not only for emphasize the beauty of toes and feet, it is a needful procedure for body health. There are numerous nerve endings and points on the foot of a person that affect different organs of the body. During the cleansing of the foot from corns and rough skin, the whole body is affected, the blood circulation improves and the skin begins to "breathe". "Beauty to the tips of the nails" - this expression is firmly included in our active vocabulary. Nails beauty always talked about perfection and self-confidence.

Effect after manicure:

  • Smooth nails
  • No burrs and dry skin
  • Moisturized hand skin

Effect after pedicure:

  • Perfectly cut nails
  • Lack of rough skin on toes
  • Smooth skin of feet

Even men increasingly trust their hands to professionals. In the Center of Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology "Люменис" we offer you:

  • Classic manicure and pedicure
  • Hardware manicure and pedicure

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In addition to the treatment of nails, these procedures also include peeling, mask and massage, which provide complete care for the skin of hands and feet. All manicure and pedicure tools undergo complete disinfection and sterilization in accordance with all sanitary and hygienic standards.

If you dream about beautiful manicure that lasts immaculately long, we have something to offer you - SHELLAC from the company Creative! Shellac is created for all who value their time. It is a perfect and modern manicure, which is guaranteed to be a perfect cover for 2 weeks, even after interacting with an aggressive environment!!! Shellac is a nail polish + gel; it combines all the advantages of nail polish and modeling gel. It is applied to the nails like an ordinary nail polish, dries in the LED lamp for 30 seconds as a gel, which eliminates the possibility of smearing during drying. Shellac offers a large assortment of bright colors and, loved by many women, french. SHELLAC cover is ideal for holidays, business trips or some events.



  • Fast application
  • Perfect durability
  • Easy removal
  • Not smeared
  • Lasts up to three weeks
  • Does not require nails cutting

If you have gel nails and want to remove them, shellac will make the rehabilitation period softer. You can cut gel not to the end and cover with shellac. Gradually, the part of the nail with gel will grow and be cut off, and shellac will be removed as a nail polish, and you will easily and painlessly return to the natural nails. If you want to change the color, put on top your nail polish, and then remove it with nail polish remover, it will not spoil shellac. No compulsory correction, no peeling, no chipping and smearing. It is a perfect, durable and beautiful manicure. All problems associated with the manicure are in the past. Shellac combines all the best from nail polish and gel. Your idea of manicure will change completely!

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The centers where manicure and pedicure are carried out:

Metro Station Lukianivs'ka, 51b Melnikova Street, Tel: (067) 411-99-11
near Shuliavska metro st. 1, Vadyma Hetmana St, tel. 067 236 77 88.

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