Nano-Light MV12 device manufactured by MedicaLaser is a neodymium laser for Tattoo Removal, permanent make-up, and for carrying out the procedure of laser carbon peel. The light beam is produced by xenon lamp. The device is equipped with a manipulator, power cable, foot switch, water filling system and 3 handpieces.

     Manipulator is equipped with a pilot beam device, which allows precisely guiding laser to the desired point and to remove even tiny and complicated details of the tattoo.

    Laser carbon peel is a procedure of skin rejuvenation, based on the joint action of the laser and Carbon nano gel. This gel contains nanoparticles of carbon dioxide. At the beginning of the procedure, cosmetologist puts a gel mask to the skin. The action of nano gel is the ability to penetrate deep layers of the skin, bind the cells of the epidermis and cleanse the skin. At the next stage of the procedure, the dead cells are "evaporated" by the laser, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This peel was called "Hollywood cleansing", because it perfectly aligns the skin relief, improves complexion, and has a powerful anti-aging effect. The effect of laser carbon peel is visible after the first procedure, and it increases with each subsequent.

Laser carbon peel is carried out for:

  • Narrowing and cleansing of enlarged pores;
  • Purifying the skin, improving the color and smoothing the tone;
  • Smoothing of fine wrinkles;
  • Sterilizing and bactericidal action on the skin;
  • Prevention of acne;
  • Exfoliating the epidermis;
  • Activation of cells regeneration of deep layers of skin;
  • Synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers;
  • Destruction of pathogenic microflora;
  • Normalization of lipid balance of the skin.

The duration of the procedure is about 40 minutes. Absence of the rehabilitation period, instant result and pronounced rejuvenating effect made the procedure popular and demanded among the clients of beauty salons.


1 - nozzle for black and colored tattoos removal (wavelength 1064 nm);

2 - nozzle for black and colored tattoos removal (wavelength 532 nm);

3 - nozzle for laser carbon peel (wavelength 1320 nm).


  • Severe chronic diseases
  • Allergy
  • Skin diseases
  • Keloid scars
  • Skin lesions (papillomas, nevi, warts)
  • Inflammatory processes (acne, boils, pustules)