Microneedling is a unique method of non-surgical elimination of various skin defects with the help of a cosmetology mesoroller device. Mesoroller is a rotating roller on the handle, composed of a plurality of microneedles. Cosmetologist not only delivers a cocktail of medicinal preparations to the subcutaneous layers, but also perforates the skin using this device. It stimulates all biochemical processes. The formed microchannels cause a powerful surge of skin regeneration processes - stimulation of blood circulation, restoration of connective tissue, which, in turn, activates the production of collagen and elastin.



  • Pigmentation
  • Fading skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars of different origin
  • Post acne

Clinical trials have shown that this therapy affects the skin with an even greater effect than chemical peels or laser facial polishing. Only a small percentage of cosmetic products, which we usually use for face care, penetrate the skin. Mesoroller increases this indicator tenfold. Mesoroller does not harm the upper protective layers of the skin. Microchannels heal very quickly, while the skin looks renewed, fresh and radiant.


  • Renewed skin;
  • Noticeable wrinkles reduction;
  • Age spots bleaching;
  • Pores shrinking;
  • Healthy complexion.


The first stage is skin cleansing and disinfection. Then the cosmetologist applies a vitamin cocktail or serum that depends on individual needs of the client’s skin. We use the preparations exclusively for mesotherapy, which are contained in sterile vials. Next is a facial massage with a mesoroller (20-30 minutes). Then, an antiseptic, soothing mask and sunscreen are applied to the skin. The procedure is well tolerated and does not cause pain. However, if your pain threshold is too low or you are simply afraid, you can use local anesthesia (lidocaine). As a rule, after the session, redness and swelling appear on the face. This is normal and is held for 2-3 hours. Traces of punctures are not visible in an hour. Mesoscalers vary in size and number of needles. Cosmetologists use different types of devices, depending on the treated area and skin condition.


  • Pregnancy;
  • Inflammatory processes on the treated area;
  • Dermatitis in the acute stage;
  • Lidocaine allergy;
  • Malignant tumors on the skin.

The centers where the procedure is carried out:

 Holosiivs'ka Metro Station, 74 Holosiivs'kyi Avenue, Tel: 067 362-55-88;
Lukianivska Metro Station, 51B, Illienka Street Tel. 067 360 99 10
 Osokorky Metro Station, 22 Sribnokilska Street, Tel: 067 361 61 07;
 Akademmistechko Metro Station, 24 Palladina Avenue, Tel: 068 122-72-27;
 Darnytsia Metro Station, 2 Zhmachenka Street, Tel: 063 568-29-29;
 Mins'ka Metro Station, 21 Obolonskyi Avenue, Tel: 067 270-86-86
Druzhbu Narodiv Metro Station, 32, Druzhbu Narodiv Avenue. Tel: 096 144 34 34
Sevastopols'ka Square, 52 Povitroflotskyi Avenue, Tel: (098) 174-74-24
Darnytska Square, 5, Myru Avenue Tel: 098 822 52 52



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