Non-injection mesotherapy in Kyiv is a hardware technique for the introduction of cosmetic preparations under the skin without the use of injections. Main goal of this procedure is removing first wrinkles, active moisturizing of the skin, as well as a special effect on skin color and elasticity. This procedure has gained great popularity through complete safety and comfort during its carrying out.

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The procedure is very simple in its performing. Cosmetologist prepares a special fortified cocktail for each client individually, depending on the needs of his skin, age and defects that need to be eliminated. The doctor applies it to the skin and with the help of a special roller device performs massage, thus delivering medicinal preparations to the middle and deep layers of the skin, saturating them with useful vitamins and microelements. During the session, the skin is not injured and there is no pain.

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The main indications for non-injection mesotherapy:

  • Fine wrinkles;
  • Dry skin that lacks moisture;
  • Dull complexion and poor skin condition;
  • Prevention of skin aging.

After the first session of non-injection mesotherapy, you will see such a result:

  • Completely smooth fine wrinkles;
  • Substances, that penetrate the layers of the skin, stimulate the glands, increase the protective barrier of the skin, and restore its elasticity and color;
  • The procedure, made on problem skin, will help you to get rid of acne;
  • After the course of procedures, there will be no trace of fatigue on your face, because an active struggle with cyanosis and bags under the eyes is taking place;
  • Skin after the procedure becomes smooth, soft and elastic, ceases to sag, and noticeably tightens.

Non-injection mesotherapy has a certain contraindications:

  • Lactation and gestation period;
  • Inflammation of the face;
  • Infectious diseases in the period of exacerbation;
  • Cholelithiasis.

The procedure is very popular because it is simple, painless and very effective. That is why professionals advise to undergo this procedure, regardless of your age and skin condition. Non-injection mesotherapy is ideal for any skin type and solves all existing problems.

The centers where this procedure is carried out:

Metro Station Lukianivs`ka, 51b Yury Ilyenko Street, Tel: (067) 411-99-11
Metro Station Mins'ka, 21 Obolonskyi Avenue, Tel: (067) 270-86-86
Metro Station Osokorky, 22 Sribnokilska Street, Tel: (067) 361-61-07
Metro Station Holosiivs'ka, 74 Holosiivs'kyi Avenue, Tel: (093) 911-65-10
Metro Station Darnytsia, 2 Zhmachenka Street, Tel: (063) 568-29-29
Darnyts'ka Square, 5 Mury Avenue, Tel: (098) 822-52-52
Troieshchyna, 3 Street Lavrukhina, Tel: (068) 199-09-90


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