Laser hair removal in Odesa is a modern, effective and absolutely safe method of face and body hair removal. The laser beam effectively removes unwanted hair without negative impact on the skin. Laser hair removal will allow you to forget about growing, irritation and allergic reactions forever. These phenomena are familiar to all who have used such traditional methods of combating hair as shaving, plucking and pulling.

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Our laser hair removal and cosmetology center "Люменис" is located at in Odesa on 85 Katerynyns'ka Street. We are waiting for you! Before you begin the course of procedures, you will probably have questions about laser hair removal. The specialists of our Center will be happy to answer them, consult about preparation for the procedure and the post-procedure period. The doctor will make an individual schedule of visits and determine the exposure parameters of the laser beam, depending on your skin and hair type. And all it is absolutely free. We use a high-tech diode laser Lumenis Light Sheer ЕТ for the procedures, which is a representative of the latest generation of laser devices. This is a guarantee of safety for health and comfort during the session. Thanks to laser hair removal, your skin will be perfectly smooth, without a single unnecessary hair. Now it is no longer a dream, because for many women this is already a reality.

How is laser hair removal


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Lumenis is a guarantee of high quality procedures

Every year more and more people prefer laser hair removal in many cities, including Odesa. Specialists of the center "Люменис" will offer you a truly professional approach and quality procedures at the most attractive price in Odesa.

  • certified equipment
  • qualified specialists
  • impeccable reputation
  • cozy atmosphere
  • free consultation
  • pleasant promotions and discounts

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How many procedures need to forget about unwanted hair forever?

There is a myth that one procedure will be enough for complete removal of unwanted hair in a certain area. Please note that the laser energy for 1 procedure kills only the hairs that are in the active growth phase (about 30% of hair), therefore, to completely unwanted hair removing, you will need to undergo a course of procedures. No laser can destroy all the hairs at once! Diode laser Lumenis Light Sheer ET, which we use in Odesa, is able to solve the problem of ingrowth and irritation after the first time. That diode laser is recognized as the safest and most effective equipment for hair removal.

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10-14 days before the procedure not to go to the solarium or sunbathe under direct sunlight.
14 days before the session not to take tetracycline antibiotics, as well as preparations related to fluoroquinolones.
2-3 weeks before laser hair removal all other types of depilation should be excluded, except shaving.
Before the procedure carry out a thorough shaving of the epilated area (avoid applying creams, deodorants, etc., to the shaved areas.)
Not to use alcohol-containing lotions / tonics 3 days before the procedure and 3 days after the hair removal session.
IMPORTANT adhere to the schedule of visits recommended by your doctor, as well as all rules for the passing laser hair removal.


Not to use alcohol-containing lotions / tonics 3 days after laser hair removal.
It is highly recommended to use nutrients and moisturizers creams, for example "Panthenol" or "Bepanten".
Within 14 days after the procedure refrain from sunbathing and visiting solarium. Apply sunscreen
Within 48 hours after the session, not to visit sauna, bath, not to take a hot bath, not to swim in the pool or open water.

Contraindications to laser hair removal

Please read the list of contraindications to laser hair removal before getting it. You can get a free consultation with a doctor at the center at 85 Katerynska street, as well as in all «Люменис» centers. Laser hair removal technician will give you recommendations for preparing for the procedure, will prescribe the necessary course and answer all your questions.

  • tan;
  • blond, white hair;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • severe diabetes;
  • pregnancy;
  • oncological diseases;
  • acute infectious period;
  • surgical interventions at the treated area less than 3 months before the procedure.

Do you still combatting undesirable hair?

Every day, millions of women spend their precious time shaving unwanted hair. Daily shaving not only takes a lot of time, but also cause a lot of unpleasant sensations, especially when it comes to shaving such delicate places like the bikini area and underarms. Forget about traditional methods of dealing with unwanted hair, which is not only ineffective, but also quite aggressive towards delicate skin. Evaluate the advantages of laser hair removal by contacting specialists in Odesa. Many women and men of Odesa have already solved the problem with unwanted hair, and now they have extra time, which previously took shaving.

Integrated approach to your perfection

Laser hair removal is the main service of the laser hair removal and cosmetology center in Odesa. However, we are not resting on our laurels, and today we offer a whole range of services for your perfection. In the center "Люменис" in Odesa we offer a comprehensive facial treatment, effective procedures for aesthetic problems solving. Make a step towards your beauty and call right now at «Люменис».

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