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Modern technologies allow simplifying the care for your appearance as much as possible. Among the cosmetic procedures laser hair removal in Kyiv has become increasingly popular. Prices are available to representatives of all segments of the population. Students and businessmen, housewives and business owners - everyone wants to have a smooth skin. To date, the most effective and safe method for removing unwanted hair is laser hair removal. Reviews about it can be read on our site or on other Internet resources. You make sure that people who decide to try this procedure are satisfied and no longer want to go back to outdated methods.



What, in general, is the main criterion for evaluating any service? Of course, it is the price / quality ratio. The cost of laser hair removal in this sense justifies itself. During the course of procedures you will not need to use additional hair removal methods, and, consequently, spend extra money. In addition, the break between sessions from 1 to 5 months the period of time not to mention the problem of unwanted hair. In the current rapid pace of life, it is especially important.

Let's take a look at the benefits of laser hair removal over all the known hair removal methods:

  • The procedure passes quickly - from 10 min to 1 hour (Full legs);
  • The procedure passes painlessly (there is only a feeling of slight tingling);
  • The skin cooling system, which diode laser devices is equipped with, completely eliminates the risk of burns;
  • Laser hair removal does not cause negative effects (skin irritation, allergic reaction, etc.);
  • This is the only way to remove ingrown hair, which most often appears after wax depilation;
  • Because the laser destroys not only visible hair, but also its follicle, as a result, after laser hair removal hair does not grow for at least 5-7 years.

Given the entire above, price of laser hair removal is fully consistent with all these benefits. The procedure passes comfortably for the client, without causing pain. This is the same case when beauty does not require sacrifices. And it is also a big plus. After all, other attempts to get rid of unnecessary hair are quite painful, and most importantly - the skin remains smooth for a short time. Just a few days, a maximum of 3 weeks, and the procedure has to be repeated over and over again. It is an additional expense! Whether you visit a beauty salon or do it at home, in any case there will be material expenses. You can analyze what you need to buy to remove the hair:

  • Scrub, which should be used before the hair removal procedure;
  • Shaving machine and shaving gels;
  • Cream for depilation;
  • Wax, wax stripes;
  • A sedative that should be applied after the procedure (oil, cream, etc.).

If you count how much you need to spend on these purchases regularly, then it becomes clear that the cost of laser hair removal is beneficial and affordable.



Over the past decade, more and more people are turning to Laser Hair Removal Centers, making sure that it's convenient. Periodic visits to the salon will deprive you of unnecessary trouble. In any situation, at any time of day or night, you will always be sure of yourself. And an unexpected invitation to an aquapark, for example, or in a sauna, will not catch you by surprise. Your body is always tidy, the skin is smooth and well-groomed.

The cost of laser hair removal for each client will depend on the individual characteristics of the body. A full course of treatments is on average 10 sessions, but can range from 6 to 15. It depends on the specifics of hair growth, their density and color, the hormonal background of the body, the area of the body that will be treated and other factors. In any case, due to high efficiency, this is the best method for removing unwanted hair.

Diode lasers used by Lumenis in our work are certified by the US Food and Drug Administration and European certificates, including ISO 9001. With the Lumenis LightSheer devices, laser hair removal has become the most sought after cosmetology treatment in the world.

But this is not all the benefits of laser hair removal in Kyiv. Discounts for students, promotions for friends, loyalty programs for regular customers and pleasant prices for the first visit for new ones – all this the Center of Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology "Lumenis" gives for you. Also, for clients of "Lumenis" there are regularly drawing valuable prizes such as laptops, iPhone, trips to exotic and European countries. Come and see for yourself that laser hair removal is not only profitable, but it is also an opportunity to become more successful and see the world.

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