Removal of scars, cicatrixes and post-acne has always been actual issue. Because of getting trauma, burns, past diseases, accident, surgery the wholeness of skin becomes destroyed, its cell structure is changed the binding tissues are deformed. Following, the scars appear. These cosmetological defects bring discomfort, look not esthetic and sometimes simply disturb you. Progress offers plenty of efficient modern methods for solution above problems. The best method now a day for scars removal is the laser treatment. The point of procedure is aimed on smoothing the skin surface, activate the regeneration of tissues and become the natural skin color.

scars and post-acne laser removal


The scar removal is recommended to anyone, who wants to get a rid of them. You see, in any age people want to look attractive without having complexes because the scars make the appearance worse. The procedure is recommended independed on age of patient, it is only important if you are ready to remove the defect. The modern equipment provides painless and bloodless carrying out of séance. Patient fills comfortable during the procedure, it is not traumatic and does not demand long-term and complicate rehabilitation. It is possible some insignificant redness and quite not notable edema in area of operation, covers creation, which you should not remove by your self in any case. This is normal and usually lasts 3 days.

Scar laser removal is effective:

  • by evidence of cicatrixes
  • after acne rush (post-acne), scars and cicatrixes after trauma
  • scars after surgeries.


In our Center for removing the scars we use erbium laser of last generation Resur FX. Why we have chosen this devise? It is proved in experienced way, that the warming influence and duration of erbium laser impulses are less than carbon-dioxide or neodymium laser. That provides the careful impact, absence of traumatism of surrounding tissues and fast skin recovering.

The Resur FX principle of influence concludes in NE ablative fractional photo-thermolyze. Laser ray destroys the pathologic cells of cicatrix tissues level by level (it is like fine surfacing) and stimulates accelerated output of collagen and elastin. In defected zone really “grows” new and healthy skin.

Scars (the areas of rough connective tissues, appeared at injured area or at area of surgery) can be of different kinds:

  • norm trophic (are placed at the same level with skin)
  • hyper trophic (are placed over the level of skin)
  • atrophic (are placed under skin level)

Innovative erbium laser Resur RX successfully removes any kind of scars, cicatrixes of any nature (traumatic or surgery) not traumatizing the surrounding tissues.

laser Resur RX


The best way to become smooth skin without defects is laser scars, cicatrixes and post-acne removal. The clients` references prove the fact, that mentioned method is the most effective. The main advantage in compare with other methodic:

  • is high efficiency (warrants 90% result of scar removal);
  • absolute safety (selective influence of laser ray exclusively at the cicatrical tissue, not touching the healthy skin;
  • painless of procedure.

IMPORTANT: Please, obligatory say in advance to Doctor about any allergic reaction existence, pre-existing diseases, inflammatory processes or medicine taking.

How the procedure is carried out:

  • before treatment doctor cleans your skin and removes make up
  • next important step is processing of treated skin area with antiseptic
  • after that, doctor creams the anesthetic then, patient and doctor have to wear the goggles, that will be protecting retina from laser influence
  • laser impulses skin treatment.
  • after procedure doctor creams the processed area with soothing cream or mask (depending on skin needs) with disinfecting ingredients

The duration of procedure is 20-30 minutes. The number of seances depends on kind of scar, its nature, size and terms of its appearance. Usually there are 4-8 procedures with interval of 1 – 1,5 months. More detailed information you can get by Doctor.


It is absolutely important to remember, that the result of treatment directly depends on holding any doctor`s recommendations. Including appropriate preparation and following any conditions before and after treatment procedure, even if they seem very simple and insignificant.

  • do not tan during 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the treatment
  • do not visit sauna, solarium or swimming pool during 2 weeks after the treatment
  • do not take any aspirin, ibuprofen or medicine similar to them 7 days before and 7 days after the treatment
  • do not use spiritus containing remedies or skin scrub 3 days before and after the treatment at the operating skin zone
  • use the sun protecting cream not less than 30 SPF independing on season

Doctor prescribes medications to prevent infections and improve skin nutrition during the post-procedure period individually for each client.



  • oncological diseases
  • benign neoplasms in area of treatment
  • blood diseases
  • cardio-vascular diseases
  • infection diseases
  • diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders
  • avidance of cardio stimulator
  • Tuberculosis
  • evidence of inflammatory conditions on areas to be cared
  • period of pregnancy and lactation
  • pre-existing conditions in exacerbation
  • availability of wounds, cuts obsesses in the area to be treated
  • allergic dermatitis, acneiform rash, psoriasis
  • Age up to 18 years old


Laser scars, cicatrixes, post-acne removal is carried out in laser hair removal  cosmetology "Люменис" center. The modern equipment let us perform the procedure with high precision and sterilization measurements. Operate the device can only doctors with high medical education and well experienced. In our center the procedure is performed by Doctor – dermatologist, having long-term experience on work with laser equipment. Which is the guaranty of good result and safety for your health!

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