Hardware body cosmetology is a procedure carried out using special equipment aimed at body contouring, weight loss, and improvement of muscle tone and skin condition.

It is not always possible to eliminate existing aesthetic defects independently or through manual exposure. Not everyone likes to exhaust themselves with physical exercise. Cosmetology devices offer great opportunities for making beautiful body. Body hardware cosmetology - it’s affordable prices and excellent results.


We present the best example of cosmetology equipment to date - Endosphere therapy - Italian device for body contouring and body shaping. It is the only device in the world that performs vibration-compression effects on the internal tissues of the body, muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic system, and subcutaneous fat layer, while acting painlessly and does not leave bruises.

The unique technique of Endospheres therapy has practically no contraindications, prevents varicose veins and removes cellulite and fibrosis.

Results after Endospheres therapy:
  • Significant weight loss;
  • Absolute cellulite removal;
  • Body contouring;
  • Puffiness elimination;
  • Elastic, toned skin, without sagging;
  • Body size reduction (2 sizes).
laser resurfacing

Clients reviews of Endospheres therapy confirm that already after the 4th procedure hips and waist is significantly reduced in size (up to 10cm), and overall health is significantly improved.


The well-proven STARVAC vacuum-roller massage device will make your skin supple and elastic, restore its tone and remove cellulite. The device operates in several modes, depending on the treated area and the problem. The results are visible after the first session. As a result, stretch marks are removed, fat is broken down.


Pressotherapy is the most successful way to eliminate puffiness. Compressed air is supplied through a special suit in which the client is dressed. Pressure is regulated at the device sensor. Thus, a soft, but at the same time, intense effect on the lymphatic system occurs. Excess fluid leaves the body, due to which edema passes, and the skin condition improves.


Ultrasonic cavitation is a unique technique of non-surgical removal of fat (liposuction). Possibility to get rid of local fat deposits - on hips, abdomen, buttocks, arms - without surgical intervention, made the procedure very popular. Correct preparation for the session is the only thing that needs to be considered in order to get a good result. If you follow all the recommendations you will certainly be awarded with a slim body.

ultrasonic cavitation apparatus

All equipment used for hardware body cosmetology at Люменис is certified and approved for use in Ukraine. Our specialists have profile certificates, so we guarantee high quality of the procedures and an excellent result.