Despite the advent of high technology, cosmetology equipment, injection techniques and plastic surgery, manual facial cosmetology has been and remains an indispensable way to care for your appearance. Prices for manual procedures remain affordable. The hands of our experienced cosmetologist and quality medical products will restore your skin's health and beauty.


Carboxytherapy is a skin rejuvenation technique based on the use of carbon dioxide (CO2). Non-invasive carboxytherapy allows you to avoid the painful stage - the introduction of the needle. In this case, the nutrients penetrate the tissue with a special mask that stimulates the penetration of gas into the skin. Preparations, containing carbon dioxide, immediately penetrate the skin cells and “provoke” a lack of oxygen. The body gives a response: increased blood circulation and lymph flow provides intensive delivery of oxygen into the cells, and also stimulates the process of collagen production.

Mechanical face cleansing

The mechanical face cleansing is the first step with which skin care complex begins. This is a deep cleansing, which is recommended for problem skin. Manual cleansing is the only method that can effectively cleanse pores on oily skin with acne. Ultrasonic cleansing will not give a good result on problem skin.


Irreplaceable organic and chemical peels that cope with different problems perhaps will never lose their relevance. They are used at a young age, and to improve the appearance of aging skin. A huge range of compositions - for all skin types, ages, various depths of exposure, allows cleaning and narrow pores, remove post-acne, scars and pigmentation, smooth wrinkles, and improve complexion and skin texture.

Manual facial massage

Massage is another indispensable procedure of manual facial cosmetology. It is manual, not hardware impact, that have a lymphatic drainage effect and allows you to contour face shape and increase turgor.

manual massage of face and body


This section of manual facial cosmetology requires special attention. Our experts use the best cosmetics of professional laboratories in Israel, France, and Germany. These are natural preparations containing enzymes and biologically active components. Innovative formulas for masks and creams provide a powerful anti-aging effect, deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, smooth wrinkles.

Even such medical problems as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and seborrhea can be solved with the help of manual facial cosmetology in Kyiv. Vitamins, minerals, organic serums, proteins and amino acids affect the skin of any type, restoring balance and activating its natural resources.

Absence of contraindications is another advantage of manual cosmetology. Woman can resort to manual procedures even during pregnancy.

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