Sports massage is one of the important components of sports training. If you are professionally involved in sports or just enjoy physical exercises, you just need a sports massage in Kyiv. This type of massage is used to improve the physical abilities of an athlete and improve his performance. It is also used to relieve fatigue and contributes to the removal of lactic acid from the human body.

There are three main types of sports massage. There are pre-event, training and restorative massages.

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The essence of the training massage is to prepare the body for sporting achievements, while spending the minimum amount of mental and physical energy. This type of massage is part of the athlete's training and refers to the means of the training process.

Effectiveness of training massage:

  • Improves the functioning of the neuromuscular apparatus, including those muscles that are amenable to heavy load
  • Increased athlete`s performance
  • The necessary physical form is acquired in a short period of time

The duration of the sports training massage is approximately 40-60 minutes.


It is performed immediately before a training session or a sporting event. It is necessary to warm up the muscle groups and bring the athlete to tone.

Effectiveness of pre-event sport massage:

  • Eliminates the possibility of cooling the muscles before a serious workout or sports competition
  • Mobilizes body capabilities at the functional level
  • Increases athlete`s body tone
  • Removes "starting fever"

Pre-event sport massage takes 5-20 minutes. It is performed 10-20 minutes before warming up before an important competition or training process.


Restorative massage is used after physical or mental stress, as well as for exhaustion of the body of any degree. It is able to quickly stabilize various functions of the human body and increase its level of efficiency.

Effectiveness of restorative massage:

  • Restores performance
  • Prepares body for subsequent exercise
  • Relieves feeling of tired

It is recommended to perform restorative massage after sports competitions, as well as between them. Duration and intensity is determined individually, depending on the characteristics of the athlete. On average, the duration of the usual procedure is 40-60 minutes. The specialist takes into account the type of sport, the load, the general condition of the athlete, the development of the muscular system and the size of the massaged surface before restorative massage.

The centers in which this procedure is carried out:

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