Alopecia is the disease of hair loss, thinning out and appearance of high temples, sometimes full baldness. In some cases, there are appearing the areas of fallen out hair (circumscribed alopecia), that later get together. The mentioned effect can appear by men or women in any age. The clinical investigations have proved, that laser treatment of baldness show the positive result in 90% of patients. It affords us the ground, that the laser treatment of alopecia is the most effective method for hair cover reconstruction now a day.


The reasons of hair loss can be different. The basic are:

  • Disbalance in sebaceous glands operation in period of puberscence
  • After-effect by complicate form infection diseases
  • oncological diseases
  • rising of number of androgen hormones (as a rule by men)
  • endocrine system disorders
  • long-term taking the hormonal medicines (including contraceptive)
  • lack of vitamins and microelements in your organism connected with invalid food or bed environmental conditions
  • often stresses
  • pregnancy and nourishing period
  • congenital alopecia (that appears rare)


Despite the multipolicy of reasons that involve mentioned unpleased effect, there is method, that can be used independent on etiology of baldness (loss, thinning out). That is the method of laser impact. Laser is not only used for treatment of internal organs, blood system diseases, ablation of tumorigenics, as well as removal of cosmetological defects of appearance. The procedures of laser cosmetology became easy of access and really popular, because they have recommended themselves as the most resultative. More over the séance is carried out in quite comfort for client conditions, fast and painless and does not demand rehabilitation period. Center of laser epilation and cosmetology "Люменис" offers the procedure of alopecia treatment by newest laser device Resur FX, produced by Israel corporation LUMENIS.


The Resur FX Device erbium laser is of the last generation. There are sets of all the newest scientific developments, innovative technologies and modern stylish design. Using only this device we can carry out the wide range of cosmetological services, directed on removing of such esthetic defects as:

  • skin aging prevention
  • cicatrixes, scars, post-acne, scars after surgeries
  • stretch marks of any etiology
  • hyperpigmentation
  • hair thinning out

Photochemical reaction, that appears by influence of light ray stimulates recovering of sleeping hair follicles. Enhances the blood stream, the cells enrich with oxygen, that also effects the stimulation of skin renewal at the cell level. The device Resur FX generates the red laser radiation, which has low ecoefficiency of absorption in tissues of human organism. It let us assert that its application is harmless for your health.


People, who have met the problem of hair loss are ready to apply any methods due to recover their ex-hair cover. In any age we want to have thick, healthy and glossy hair. It is evident, that we have to start any treatment after right is also related to alopecia. Before starting the treatment and taking any procedures we have to indicate the ground of appearance of existing problem and direct any of our efforts to solve it. It is often not enough to use only one effecting. And exactly the complex treatment measures, directed on recovering of organism from inside will effectively work for hair loss problem solving.

IMPORTANT: Due to treat the hair loss in Kiev with maximal result, except competently diagnostic it is necessary to take poly-vitamin course and alternate laser therapy with mesotherapy on skin of your head.

photo hair thinning treatment

The steps of procedure on Resur FX Devise

  • before treatment doctor cleans your skin with antiseptic
  • after that, patient and doctor have to wear the goggles, that will be protecting retina from laser influence
  • laser impulses skin treatment
  • after procedure doctor puts on the processed area soothing cream with disinfecting ingredients

Advantages and results :

The given methodic of hair loss treatment in Kiev is patented as a author development of group of doctors from Lvov National medical University named Danilo Galitskogo. More than for ten years it has successfully applied in many countries of the world. Today it is also assessed in our Center of laser epilation and cosmetology "Люменис". Thank to progressive and modern technologies the procedure is absolutely safe for your health and is well accepted by patients. There are no painful feelings during séance. It is only possible the feeling of thingling, that is absolutely acceptable and comfort. The rehabilitation period is quite absent. There are no restraints about season. Thera are no skin injuries, edema or allergic reactions.

The treatment course is individual but, as a rule is from 3 to 10 seances with interval in 4 weeks. During two weeks after first procedure you can note intensive hair loss. It evidences, that the procedure has had the appropriate impact and the harmed hair bulb processed by laser fall out and give the possibility to healthy, sleeping and not active hail bulbs to recover. After that you can note the intensive hair growth.

Under the clinical researching results, hair starts growing two times faster they become stronger and thicker. For its confirmation we have the unique device in our salon "Люменис" – dermatoscop, which will be used by Doctor dermatocosmetologist for fixing the achievements (making the kind photos) so, you have possibility to follow the run of treatment.

As an any procedure, laser treatment of alopecia has some contradictions. Please, learn them to avoid the harming of your organism and do not forget to inform Doctor about specialties of your organism, if there are any of them.


  • oncological diseases
  • benign neoplasms in area of treatment
  • blood diseases
  • cardio-vascular diseases
  • infection diseases
  • diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders
  • avidance of cardio stimulator
  • Tuberculosis
  • evidence of inflammatory conditions on areas to be cared
  • period of pregnancy and lactation
  • pre-existing conditions in exacerbation
  • diseases of the mind, epilepsy
  • disposition for keloid cicatrix
  • availability of wounds, cuts obsesses in the area to be treated
  • allergic dermatitis, acneiform rash, psoriasis
  • age up to 18 years old

The centers where laser cosmetology procedures are carried out:

Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat: 51b, Melnikova Street, Metro Station Lukianivs`ka, tel. 067 411 99 11
Mon; Tue; Sun: 5, Obolons`kyi avenue, Metro Station Obolon, tel. 068 388 58 85

Hair Loss (Alopecia) Treatment

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