Ultrasonic facial cleansing (or ultrasonic peel) is a cleansing, which is carried out using a special device, having the shape of a scapula and cleansing the skin from superficial comedones (black spots), sebum and sebaceous glands. Treatment of the skin is carried out after abundant moistening with a tonic selected depending on type of skin.

Ultrasonic cleansing is a completely painless and very delicate way of cleansing the face, leaving no traces in the form of swelling or redness. The generator of special waves expands the pores of the skin and fat, which is the secret of the sebaceous glands, is removed. Under the influence of the device, a kind of cell massage also occurs and the blood supply to the face improves.

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During a short procedure (up to 20 minutes), metabolism and regeneration of tissues are activated. Ultrasonic activates redox processes; it contributes to the formation of elastin and collagen. It should be said that this technology has several advantages over other methods:

  • It can be used for all skin types;
  • Does not cause the irritation.

Ultrasonic has a multifaceted effect on the skin, causes microvibration at the cellular level, penetrates into the pores and cleanses them, helping to remove their contents to the surface. This procedure allows you to safely clean the skin, and the only drawback of ultrasonic cleansing is that it is impossible to remove too deep contamination in 1 procedure.

Ultrasonic cleansing includes:

  • Make up remover;
  • Scrubbing or gommage as needed;
  • Steaming gel;
  • Ultrasonic cleansing;
  • Soothing mask that narrowing pores;
  • Darsonval;
  • Cream that matches your skin type.

Indications for the procedure:

  • Oily or mixed skin type;
  • Skin dullness;
  • Enlarged skin pores;
  • Open comedones;
  • Cleansing the skin, which is prone to the formation of acne;
  • Keratinization of the skin layer.


  • Skin diseases - vitiligo and benign neoplasms;
  • Acne;
  • Demodex;
  • Gold or platinum skin reinforcement;
  • 2nd half of pregnancy;
  • Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.


  • Skin relief is leveled;
  • Pores are narrowed and cleaned;
  • Skin "breathes";
  • Skin elasticity increases;
  • Complexion improves.


Ultrasonic cleansing is done 1 or 2 times a month, depending on the condition of the skin and its type; for dry skin, this procedure is performed 1 time in 3 months.


Ultrasonic Face Cleansing

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