Vacuum massage is a hardware effect not only on superficial, but also on deep-lying soft tissues, by the method of the simplest discharged air.

Vacuum massage allows you to work out the deeper layers of muscles, ligaments and other tissue structures, as well as more intensively, compared to other types of massage, to influence the microcirculation - blood, lymph and interstitial fluid, as well as enhance the regulatory processes. Vacuum massage is performed by special banks of different diameters, which are selected depending on the treated part of the body.

vacuum massage

If you want to make a vacuum massage in Kyiv, the specialists of the Chain of Centers of Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetology "Люменис" are waiting for you in several of our salons. Select your district and make an appointment.


  • Deep tissue development
  • Prolonged exposure: one session of vacuum massage has an effect for 3 days
  • The procedure does not block metabolic processes

Recommended course is up to 20 procedures (2-3 times a week).

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Vacuum-Roller Massage

The centers where vacuum massage is carried out:

Metro Station Akademmistechko, 24 Palladina Avenue, Tel: (068) 122-72-27
6/8 Yaroslava Ivashkevycha Street, Vynohradar, 068 322 62 62
Metro Station Darnytsia, 2 Zhmachenka Street, Tel: (063) 568-29-29
Metro Station Politekhnichnyi Instytut, 1/3 Politekhnichnyi Lane, Tel: (067) 105-09-09
Sevastopol Square., Vozdukhoflotsky Ave., 52; tel. 098 174 74 24
Art. M. Goloseevskaya, Goloseevsky Prospect, 74; tel. 067 362 55 88

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