Device for radio-wave skin tightening SIMON. R.ND-RF 05 has five nozzles: multipolar RF-lifting electrode for face and body, radio frequency lifting in combination with vacuum for the body, and for cold therapy. The procedures can be carried out separately or in combination (RF lifting + cold therapy).

Radio frequency skin tightening (RF lifting) is a unique technique of non-surgical rejuvenation with the help of the action of an electric radio wave. As a result skin firmed and tightened, neo-collagenase process is stimulated, appearance of cellulite is reduced, and skin is toned.


RF-lifting. During deep controlled heating of the skin and subcutaneous layer (60-65 degrees Celsius), the structure of collagen fibers changes. They "twist" in tight spirals, forming a strong muscular frame. In addition, the process of formation of new, young collagen fibers through:

  • Stimulation of fibroblasts ("cells of youth")
  • Improvement of microcirculation
  • Elimination of blood and fluid stagnation
  • Restoration of the vascular tone
  • Restoration and oxygenation of damaged structures
  • Creation of the temperature necessary for fat digestion
  • Stops the progression of fibrosis in subcutaneous fat tissue

Cold therapy is a hardware technique for skin rejuvenation with the help of low temperatures. The exposure temperature is from 0 to 20 degrees Celsius. Cold shock causes vascular spasm, and then blood vessels dilate. At this stage the skin is most capable of absorbing medications (gels, serums or combinations thereof). The procedure stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, instantly exerting powerful anti-aging and tightening effects; it helps to smooth wrinkles and improve skin texture. The procedure is comfortable, painless and non-traumatic.


4 nozzles of radio wave lifting of different diameters for different treated areas:

1 - RF nozzle for body lifting;

2 - vacuum + RF nozzle for body lifting;

3 - RF nozzle for face lifting;

5 - vacuum + RF nozzle for face lifting;

1 nozzle for cold therapy:

4 - nozzle for cold therapy face (cooling).


The procedures begin with skin cleansing. Before the radio frequency therapy the serum (depending on the skin's needs) and gel-conductor are applied to the treated area of the skin. Conductive gel not only protects the skin from overheating, but also helps the preparations deep penetrate of into the dermis.

During cold therapy the necessary preparations are applied at the end of the procedure.

Cosmetologist, using one of three nozzles, works smoothly on the skin.



  • Ptosis (eyelid droop)
  • Sagging skin and hypodermis (subcutaneous fat), which change the face shape
  • Wrinkles around the eyes, "crow's feet"
  • Deep mimic wrinkles in the area of the nasolabial triangle, on the forehead
  • Withering of the skin
  • Scars after acne
  • Photo aging

RF face lifting restores skin elasticity and sharpness of contours, wrinkles and flabbiness disappear.


  • Fat deposits in problem areas
  • Cellulite
  • Stretching
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Photo aging

RF body lifting will make it elastic and tightened, the skin becomes thick and smooth, extensions and cellulite will disappear. It can be said that RF-therapy is an excellent alternative to surgical operations.

If it is necessary to enhance the effect, it is possible to combine with such techniques as biorevitalization, mesotherapy, photorejuvenation, chemical peelings, and massages.


The effect is instantaneous lifting of the skin on the face, neck, decollete, and also on the body. Clear contours of the face and body are achieved by improving the elasticity of the skin, enhancing metabolic processes. Strengthening blood circulation, "breathing" of cells", improving their life-support give a healthy color to the skin.

The effect will be noticeable after the first procedure. Over the next few months the collagen recovery process continues, and the final result persists for 2-3 years.

After the first session, you will see the first results, and with each subsequent session they will be more noticeable. The total number is from 6 to 10 sessions, the duration of exposure is 20-30 minutes, and the frequency is 1 a week. The effect will increase for another 6 months after completing the full course of procedures. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you can expect that the results will last from two to three years!

General recommendations when applying RF-lifting:

  • Before the procedure, it is necessary to remove contact lenses and metal objects
  • Do not sunbathe for three days after the RF-exposure
  • Do not carry out other procedures on the same day in the area of RF-exposure
  • After the procedure, the treated skin areas should not be subjected to mechanical effects (rubbing, scratching, etc.)


Suitable for all ages and skin types. The procedure is fully controlled. Smoothing out the skin and muscle tissue. Painless, that is, anesthesia is not required. Only pleasant warmth is felt during the procedure. There are no bruises, swelling. The procedure does not require a preparatory and rehabilitation period.


  • Period of pregnancy and lactation
  • Oncological diseases
  • Benign tumors
  • Viral infections
  • Hypertonic disease
  • Skin diseases
  • Fresh scars
  • Presence of silicone in the treated area


  • Cold urticaria
  • Dermatosis
  • Neuritis of facial or trigeminal nerve
  • Violation of blood clotting
  • Acne, herpes
  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses and the neck and decollete (sinusitis, pulpitis)